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  1. im trying to get hold of a locking tool for the gear stick so i can adjust the cable. i need the 308-451 version as mines a 6 speed gearbox (mondeo 130ps 2005) does anyone know where i can get one from??? theres spx tools but i need to be vat registered and run an indi garage to qualify aparently and im just joe blogs on the street. ford dont sell tools and just want to quote me for doing the work themselves like i expected they would. i know you can do the job without the tool but i like having the right tool for the right job, it saves time too, so would like to find a source to find ford tools on a more regular basis, i know companies like draper ect sell certain tools so that not a problem but the real specialist stuff is hard to find. any help much apreciated :)
  2. my friend needed her auxiliary belt changing as it was knackered and she was getting a squeeling from the engine. ive changed her belt but it still squeels, the tensioner had plenty of resistance in it so is working fine and she is not loosing any water in her coolant system so should not be water pump so wondering what the hell it is???? these engines have a timing chain dont they? any help or sugestions much appreciated
  3. anyone???
  4. im gana be changing the auxilliary belt on my friends car thursday and need to know what tools i need ect its a non aircon car, 1998 petrol. is it a manual tensioner? and has anyone got any tips like how long it will take? much thanks in advance!
  5. ive just brought a 2005 2L tdci mondeo on thursday, nice car tbh. i run a couple of cossie mercs and needed a car for towing that was economical. ive got a couple of questions and your help would be much apreciated how often do you change the timing belt (assume its a belt and not chain)? how often do you change the glow plugs? anything that should be changed on top of the ford schedule? is there an online comprehensive parts diagram site for a mondeo? where is the best online site to get ford parts? is it worth getting the car chiped? many thanks in advance