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  1. After 7 years of Fusion ownership the old girl has now departed thanks to a Vauxhall Astra. Insurance Co wrote it off without even seeing it, Totally Gutted.
  2. nope, SMC sittingbourne.
  3. Ok final update: I use the car for work and have been off the road since Friday. Told them i was not going to pay £202 for a repair that they may or may not have caused. Settled on £167.00 and get it back today. Not ideal, but better than getting the car back and having to order a part that will take a further day to arrive and the hassle of fitting it myself or finding an independent to fit for me. Thanks all for the advice.
  4. A little update > Spoke to main dealers this morning and the car has refused to start this morning until it was primed. I told the dealer i was unhappy as i had brought a working car to them and they had handed me back a car that now does not work after they had worked on it. I told them i was not prepared to pay the full cost of the part and labour and was holding them responsible for causing the issue. I informed them of the cost of the O/E part. The service manager said he has asked the tech and it is a common problem? Why then did they let me leave on the day if it was a common issue with this engine? They also said that at no point does the fuel primer need to be moved to access the CAM belt for replacement. Any further thoughts?
  5. Thanks all, i will call them in the morning and see what they have to say. iantt do you have a link for the part in question pls?
  6. Does £202 sound expensive for some pipe work and a valve ? or is that the going rate?
  7. I took my 1.4tdci Fusion into a main dealer for a Cam belt replacement and minor service this week, as the price they quoted was cheaper than my local independent. Once the works were completed i was handed the keys and the car started first time, and lasted for all of 6 seconds before dying on the forecourt. I tried to restart the car but it was having none of it. This is the first time i have ever had a starting / running issue. I went back into the main dealers and they sent out the mechanic that had worked on it, he had a fiddle under the bonnet and eventually got it to start, and took it back into the workshop to find out what the problem was. After around 30 mins he returned having been unable to find a fault. I drove the car home (45 miles) with out incident and parked it up for the day. The following morning i started the car as normal, however again it lasted for a few second prior to dying once more. The AA were called who confirmed that it was dying due to fuel starvation. I returned to the main dealer, they advised me that they "thought" it was an "air bleed Valve"? and would cost me £202.50. They diagnosed the fault with out seeing the fault for themselves and it was their best guess??? I told them that should they replace the part which i was happy to pay for and the problem re occurred i would expect a full refund on that part and fitting cost. They have put me into a loan car and kept mine in to run further tests.... SO WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THIS SITUATION?
  8. As a relative old git i have a distant memory of growing up in the 1970/80`s and watching a short lived Tv Drama series set in a Car Factory. I have a vague recollection that the series used 2 MK2 Escorts as the basis of the Cars from this series.> My question are did i imagine this? if i didn`t what was the series called? Are any pictures available of the cars? do these cars still exist?
  9. All sorted now... For anyone out there who has a similar issue and gets a Hub from an online breakers, remember to ask them to remove or loosen the HUB NUT. Total Bar steward when not attached to a car, had to improvise a leaver to the rear of the hub to get the required leaverage to break the hub nut tension.
  10. Think I'll go the easy way. £35. 2nd hand hub assembly. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  11. Rear bearing totally gone. Tyre miss shaped. Got a new bearing from euro car parts. But now realise no hope in hell of fitting that to the drum without a bearing press..... no flipping breakers yards open today. Looks like e bay first thing in the morning. .... Buck fit and sollocks :( Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  12. Had a rear wheel bearing colapse last night. 15miles from home and had to drive it back at low speed. Gonna have the hub off later this morning, not looking forward to the mess. :(
  13. No rude comments to the question pls........ I recently collected a 4ft fish tank and stand in the back of the fusion, the guy selling it was totally amazed it fitted, if im honest so was I. So whats the most / largest thing youve had in the back of yours? ;)
  14. Been a while since i last visited this post> Back in 2010 got two Black and rounds from Black circles . com can`t remember the make but they did for around 30k miles :( At around £180 fitted. Got two SAVA tyres recently, so far so good. £130 ish fitted will need another two for the other end so SAVA s again i think.
  15. Had my 1.4TDci for 4 years now. Had a few issues with it most notably the injector seals. These were replaced under warranty so cost me "nothing". I now use the car for Business and regularly carry ladders on a roof rack. I still return around mid 40`s on MPG with mixed driving this includes central London. The plus points> £30 Road Tax Cheap insurance Good MPG Cheap to service at main dealer (Keeps the stamps going) or diy Small size great carrying capacity The negatives. Tyre prices (16 inch Alloys) (15s are cheaper) Every screw and bolt is Torx The engine bay is cramped (the starter motor is a ****** to replace) No dedicated Haynes Manual Would i buy another one .... YES!