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  1. LED build change over.

    In the continuing battle to get improved night lighting I have now fitted Osram Cool blue intense headlight bulbs. Mmmmmmmh! There is definately a brighter whiter light coming from the main beam however, they still don't throw light any further than the originals. I can only assume the lense/reflector shape is not designed fo sending light as far as I would like. Are they worth the price of £25/bulb, not convinced however they will staynin for now. Would I buy them again, probably not
  2. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    Why on earth would you do that? Seems a tad excessive!
  3. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    I'm fairly sure I've left the car numerous times with the car "auto stopped" and it did not start until I got back in and pressed the clutch. An other auto/manual difference maybe?
  4. Puddle and edge light

    I have a manual MY17 model and the puddle lights/door sill lighting go on and off with the hand brake.
  5. servicing

  6. servicing

    2 years and 18000 defo. Quote straight from Ford.co.uk "It is important that you have your vehicle serviced in line with the service intervals applicable to your vehicle as detailed in your Service Portfolio" Mine also says 2 years 18000 miles. Jim
  7. Auto Relock

    My Mk4 Mondeo had auto relock! My Edge also has.
  8. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Sound like you need a big book for your fault diary! How did the tailgate issues manifest themselves? Mine still operates but has a distinctly louder ticking noise from motorised strut than it initially had. Jim
  9. LED build change over.

    Jezza Is the quoted price for each bulb or a pair? It's not obvious online. Jim
  10. LED build change over.

    Well, found out why Tanisla2 is so quiet in this subject now! I've been out in the dark and I can say with 110% conviction that these bulbs are an utter piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dipped beam was throwing the light further forward than these. I could see a small increase in whiter light being thrown out to the sides when main beam was on but absolutely none illuminating the road beyond the limit of the dipped lights. DON'T BOTHER WITH THEM. Originals will be going back in in the morning. Might have to settle for trying Osram Cool Blue Intense 64176CBI H15 Halogen-Headlight bulb but at £26 a pop they are a bit steep for a 20% increase in brightness
  11. LED build change over.

    The actual bulb. The collar was a similar temp to the LED.
  12. LED build change over.

    Simon̊ Interesting statement however, my experiment, as I mentioned I was going to do, does not back up your statement. Let me explain. Using the bulbs in Tanisla2's picture I connected them to a 12 V battery. Initially I connected the low wattage connection (DLR) and ran it for 30 mins and using a laser digital thermometer I regularly monitored the temperature. I then repeated the same experiment with the high wattage connection (Main Beam) and also ran that for 30 mins. The maximum temp I found anywhere on the bulb was the metal collar that locks it into the housing and that was 71̊C. At all times I was able to handle the bulb with bare hands. The battery used was a 12V 1.2 AH lead acid and in 60 mins it dropped voltage from 12.5 to 11.6V so I recon the bulb was pulling around the 1.2A. I then recharged the battery and repeated the exercise with the original Halogens out of the car, max temp 121̊C and the battery was pretty depleted after just 30 mins on Main beam. So, in summary, those LEDs Tanisla2 has found do not pull as much current and get nowhere near as hot as the Halogens that came with the car. I have fitted them to the car and will go for a run tonight when it gets dark to see if there is much difference. I will report back. Jim
  13. LED build change over.

    What we need is for Tanisla2 to tell us how he is getting on with his installation. How about it Tanisla2?
  14. Rear camera alignment

    Doesn't look much different from mine.
  15. LED build change over.

    The bulbs depicted in the 3rd post by Tanisla2 have no heat sink and as I now have received some I can confirm that. I haven't fitted them yet. I might test them with an external 12 volt supply to see just how hot they get before I fit them but I see no reason why LEDs should get hot as they do not produce light as a bi-product of heating a wire as in the case of incandescent bulbs.