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  1. Curtain Airbag recall

    Hello all had my airbags done Monday at lookers just a couple of small dirty marks that's all done in a day all panels seem to be put back to gether well paul
  2. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Thanks Dave a bit far away for me Paul
  3. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Hello Dave my Edge has a rattle from the N/s/r door erea it seems to appear when I get to about 50 mph paul
  4. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Hello Dave which dealer in Essex did you take it to mine is going in Monday at lookers colchester paul
  5. Running lights

    Yes they did so it's a optional extra then to late to retro fit paul
  6. Running lights

    Hi thanks for the answer not sure as I was going through some road works are they a proper ford options
  7. Running lights

    Hello All while driving home from work today I passed two Edges one was a sport the other one was a Vignale. I noticed the Vignale had some led running lights on the edge of the headlamps has any one else seen this and is it possible to fit those headlight units to a Titanuim model they looked rather smart the car goes in Monday for the air bag mod paul
  8. Towbar electrics

    Hello jim thanks for the pictures I will check my one. how did you manage to get your digital speed come in the centre I only get sat nav radio or a compass is this some thing to do with sync 3 I have the 2 on my edge paul
  9. Towbar electrics

    Hello when I towed with mine the other week there was no picture or a differant sound to say the indicators were working my tow bar is a ford bar fitted by the dealer paul
  10. First time towing

    Yes the milenco mirrors are good I think I would go for the square lens ones now it seemed I was only getting 26 mpg towing coming home today
  11. First time towing

    Hi Niel had the mirrors for so long now can't remember the name my is edge is manual and it pulled it comfortable in six gear on the moter ways
  12. First time towing

    Hello all towed for the first time with the Edge well pleased with it very stable a 2 and half hour tow to Brighton
  13. Front airbag warning light

    You can switch the passenger side of for a child seat by opening the passenger door and it is on the side of the glove box out side you then get a orange warning light saying that side is turned of so either way there is a orange warning light paul
  14. Front airbag warning light

    Hello All I have just checked mine and it is on all the time Paul
  15. First Impressions

    Hello is it because there is a sun roof in it mine has not got a sharks fin and no sun roof either Paul