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  1. FORD Focus overheating

    does the fan on the radiator come on when it gets hot? Is the fan blowing the right way? sucking air from front of car and blowing it out backwards from radiator? could the radiator core be blocked with silt. Years ago car radiators did get blocked with silt and people would reverse flush them with a pressure wash. I assume you have had thermostat changed as that would have been first thing to focus on.
  2. Injector sound

    have a look at this pic. The two nuts are number 12 on the picture. There are two nuts on each injector. They are tall nuts that you put a hexangonal bit in the top of to do up This picture shows what the top of them look like at least that is what they were like on my 1.6tdci twin cam 16 vallve But don't overdo it. and there is no guarantee it will stop the leak, but it did stop it on all four of mine at different times
  3. Blower motor.

    could still be the resistor. The resistor has different segments to it which come into use with the different switch settings. speed 1 uses the longest part of resistor coil so if it's gone in the last bit then that could be it. BUT normally it's not the resistor coil that goes, it is usually the thermal fuse (but into resistor pack) that goes which means you lose all speeds below 4 like you say. Could be switch fault. could be wire/connector problem between switch and resistor. could be stiff bearings in the fan which means that on speed one it it not getting enough power power to overcome the stiffness (and if so and left on position 1 it will possibly blow the thermal fuse)
  4. Fog light conversation

    why bother to fit front fog lights? having said that, there is one benefit, if a headlight bulb blows and you need to drive in the dark before fixing it , you can put the fog lights on so people coming towards you can see both sides of your car better as the sidelights on fiesta mk6.5 are pretty small and rubbish. My previous fiesta was mk6.5, but apart from that I don't see the point in them
  5. Injector sound

    that's the engine I had in previous car. all four injectors starting leaking at separate times. All cured by doing retaining nuts up tighter. BUT if you strip thread or snap bolt/stud then you will have a very major problem to sort out so be careful here. On mine it had kind of special nuts which need a hex bit put in the top part of the nut to tighten. I used hex bit in a screwdriver type round handle and could tighten them with my hand on the handle (as opposed to a socket arm) so they were obviously not tight at all. I have no idea what correct torque is and only have a large long torque wrench would would not be right for these nuts. I just did them up tighter than they were (bit vague I know)
  6. Brake pedal play

    does the car have ABS? I think I heard that there is something special you have to do when bleeding the brakes on cars with abs
  7. should be easy to check throttle cable. at the end of the throttle cable under the bonnet does the lever the cable pulls quicky and firmly go back to the end point when you release the cable. Have a look first without the engine running. you look under the bonnet whilst someone else operates pedal for you . In theory it could be a stiff/kinked/trapped cable but I do not think it is likely to be if the pedal itself feels OK
  8. Injector sound

    is it 1.4 or 1.6 engine. and if it is 1.6 is it the twin cam 16valve or the single cam 8 valve?
  9. fly by wire / RPM problems

    i had 1.6tdci and now have 1.5tdci. on both I could increase the rpm gradually up from idle -when i would collect by daughter from work in winter when cold I would keep the engine running to keep warm whilst waiting for her and amuse myself on seeing how slowly I could increase the rpm from tickover. I am wondering if it is a faulty throttle pedal. If you had a OBD port code reader (tunnelrat electronics are good) and free software like forscan it will be able to give you live readings from loads of electronic bits so you should be able to see if the voltage output from the throttle pedal suddenly jumps up and not moves slowly upwards (I think).
  10. I don't know about the idle control valve. what engine size is this? I had a 2001 1.6 petrol focus - is that same engine? my idle speed kept going high. On my car it was a rubber pipe that had split letting air in. the rubber pipe was below the inlet manifold. I think it was roughly about 2cm diameter I think
  11. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    so is this some extra special ford stuff or is this something that can be bought under some other brand name that people can buy and do it themselves?. For example if it can be got for a tenner and someone has eg a 5yr fiesta with rust on these pipes they might rather do it themself rather than mess about with contacting ford, particularly if ford is 50 miles away for example
  12. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    what does the repair consist of? application of a water-based epoxy primer and paint? is that what costs £71?
  13. Injector sound

    if it's injector seals it is normally more of a chuffing noise in my experience, and can be accompanied by wet diesel around base of injector where the injector goes into the head. this pool of diesel cooks on the hot cylinder head and you get diesel smell in the car if you put heater on. as it cooks it becomes a black goo. In the past I have stopped the seals leaking by doing the injector retaining bolts up tighter. BUT if you strip thread or snap bolt/stud then you will have a very major problem to sort out so be careful here.
  14. New Fiesta External Lights

    many cars only have own rear fog light. law only requires one which must be in middle or towards right . my 2015 fiesta has a lens on left but no light fitting behind it - cheapskates. when you have one fog light at front coming on, is this because you have the steering turned. some modern cars have the right front fog light come on when you turn right and similar when you turn left. they reckon it helps you see round corners. i find it annoying when there is a car travelling behind me and I keep seeing their front fog lights go on and off on corners. they normally go on and off gradually , not suddenly on off in the dark i often see cars with no rear lights on. this is because many cars have front daytime running lights on which also causes the speedo to illuminate so they don't realise they have not switched the lights on (to activate tail lights). On old cars at night if you could not read the speedo it was like a remimnder to put your lights on if you forgot. I know what you mean about the tech advances. what happens one day if your lights don't work. you can't simply trace where the wires go from switch to lights. The switches all link to the computer in the dashboard and the computer decides what lights are going to work or not. Nightmare when it does not work. Not much chance of improvising or a temp fix at the roadside