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  1. Mark 1.5 petrol questions

    It's not very scientific as we don't know how much you paid per litre/gallon, and it can not be accurately ascertained that there was the exact same amount in there before you put 20 quid in and after 130 miles. But based on a very rough calc it looks believable. I know what you mean about not being fast. I have owned one, they feel very weak, particularly when you come to a long hill on a motorway/dual carriageway, it gets slower and slower. A diesel just keeps going and even have extra to overtake someone without changing down. The torque figure for the diesel engine is what counts even thought the bhp may be less.
  2. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 (100PS) Timing Belt

    I have done loads of timing belts over the years but only where the crankshaft pulley is keyed to the shaft. These engines are well scary when you think of bending 16 valves - you would feel suicidal if you get it wrong.
  3. New owner zetec s have question

    I like the way the radio stays on until I open the door, obviously more complication to potentially go wrong though
  4. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    does sound to me like stop/start could be involved here, you at least need to rule it out. Have you tried it with stop start disabled (disable it a few mins before you are going to park). I would always leave the car in gear when parked. In theory the handbrake should do the job, but why risk it. I do actually know two people whose cars rolled away when left parked because they had not put the handbrake on quite hard enough it would appear. It would not have happened if left in gear.
  5. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    depends who will be driving it. If I was buying a car for my wife (some people will say I am being sexist) I would buy the cheaper 1.25. She only drives around locally where speed limit is 30/40 and she would not appreciate the difference. The ecoboost would be wasted on her. The 1.25 has more proven reliability / easier maintenance and cheaper insurance (but higher road tax I think) When I had a 1.6tdci fiesta and she drove it occasionally she complained it was a bit fast. At present she drives a Mazda2 , 1.35 litres, 82bhp .
  6. when my fiesta needed a service a few months ago The main dealer was quoting a cheaper price than independants that I phoned (I admit that I did not phone every independant garage)
  7. Dealer vs Private

    yes it is about consumer protection rights really, that's the added benefit you get for your extra money (and it will possibly have been valetted, and HPI and insurance write off checked). It happens so often that someone has a problem with a car and they have a cheap bodge fix and sell it quick before it goes wrong again, only for the next owner private buyer to have a problem a few weeks later with no chance of getting the seller to do anything about it. Some cars are worse than others - diesels with dpf problems. ford 1.6tdci with turbos failing and leaking injector seals. So private is a bit of a lottery, even if you think you know what you're looking at it is impossible to check everything properly outside someone's house
  8. 2015 mondeo start/stop problems

    years ago I had a car where the battery would drain. The alternator seemed to charge fine but the problem was in the rectifier pack built into the back of the alternator. It was letting battery power leak back slowly through the alternator when left parked. A rectifier pack is made up of diodes. A diode is like a valve and only lets power go one way and blocks it going in the opposite direction. I would tell them you want the alternator testing in such a way to see if power is leaking back through it when parked. I have no idea what their reaction will be. You could disconnect the alternator every time you park and see if it makes a difference over time but it's not a practical solution
  9. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    perhaps the term Handbrake will fizzle out as more cars have a push button parking brake. Like 'fan belt' has fizzled out and become auxillary drive belt or serpentine belt etc. Still a fan belt to my generation of people
  10. HELP!! Electric Problems...2001 1.1l Fiesta

    if running on tickover/idle and you put the lights on and heater fan and heater rear window (to create a high load on battery/alternator) do the lights go a bit brighter when you rev the engine a small amount? if not, probably alternator problem. Better to do this test with a voltmeter on the battery terminals to give a clearer picture. But I agree it could be bad connections on the cables at the battery terminals and other end of the cables and the thick cable from chassis to engine if there is one
  11. Navigation SD Card

    In mine it goes in a slot just above the radio lcd display, hard to see unless you peer up under the sunshade type thing that goes over the top of the display. Mine is Ford radio/satnav. I don't know if Sony is the same
  12. Saucy sandy

    sounds like a faulty speedo console (which has a load of other stuff in it including the main microchip that controls most of the electrics). They can be dismantled and resoldered. There are companies that can recondition it for you - they take it apart and resolder parts of the circuit board where the solder has cracked / broken. Solder on circuit boards in all electronics these days has a problem with brittleness / cracking due the regulations stopping the use of lead in solder. Military / space craft etc have exemption and can still use leaded solder - because they know that any substitute is unreliable
  13. Windscreen stone chip repair

    If you are not making an insurance claim (and assuming you are not doing it to try to get it through an MOT that would otherwise fail) I am not sure if there is much point in doing it.
  14. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    don't the americans call the handbrake the parking brake? anyway, I knew what he must have meant
  15. DPF replacement, argh!

    was it ebay? and paid for by paypal?