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    escort XR3i cabriolet
  1. RS Alloys

    Set of 5
  2. xr3i cabby

  3. Hi all, I have a XR3i cabby, mark 4. Love the car, on here to meet like minded folk, find out about meet that might be neer me etc. So Hi all
  4. Tinted Tail-Lights

    Sorry but I dont like tinted rear lights, if they were supposed to be tinted it would be a factory option!!
  5. Keying cars!

    You guys are right this is a total night mare!! I park as far from tesco as I can so there is the least likelyness of a car next to me to dammage the sweetheart!!
  6. Looking for alloy wheel 185/55/14

    Noticed a set of 5 alloys the size you have for sale in a listing on piston heads. Link is http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/872050.htm Hope it helps.