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  1. Happy Birthday tetra!

  2. this game is actually amazing.
  3. make sure you guys add me on XL: Tetra 11
  4. im gutted the blockbusters in my town is not doing midnight launch! i asked them and they said it was beacuse they had no other competition!
  5. i see others are starting to put there personal touches to their machines. But i cant really think of anything external that would look good on a cedar green fiesta. any suggestions?
  6. thats not maidstone is it?
  7. i have an elite as well, but i wouldnt be able to tell you what is actually better about it. apart from the fact the colour matches my MASSIVE black tv.
  8. can you do this while driving? i have done it with the engine running but not while the car is moving...
  9. you lot better stick to F3 cos when COD6 comes out your all gonna get owned!
  10. does it do this in all the gears? are you giving it a little bit of gas when you take your foot of the clutch?
  11. sadly hot or boiling water doesnt crack the windscreen, even on s**t old cars driven by dirty pikeys.
  12. I have done 733 miles I'm only getting the one fitted. Totall came to 91.31 including tracking. I'm not too sure how fast I was doing but I hope I have learnt my lesson about doing a lazy turn in the road.
  13. Omg that's well clever!
  14. I can't remember how big they are...
  15. Pop goes my tyre as I mount a kerb too fast. I have the standard 1.4 zetec wheels how much do you think a new tyre will cost me? :(