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  1. Looks really well Sam, done a brilliant job all round! How much was the miletk?


  2. hi pal sorry didnt see your q there just standard 5 mm spacers which just sit onto axel bolts ! not alot but just makes it sit abit better
  3. iv heard good things about h&r tbh i went for aps and i cant fault them but its all depends how much you want to spend and how low your looking at going also if you want even better handling kw do a decent set at a higher price !
  4. high mate there the standard stock ford lights with led sidelights ,blue indercator bulbs which flash orange :o and 6000K HID kit ! any questions on where to buy just pm me buddy
  5. hi matey thanks for your comments ! plans sound good looking forward to seeing some pictures . yes i was at fitp and was it you whos girlfriend sat in my car lol ? havent done much lately been saving sum mon mons but am on the modding spree again now so will update in a month or so sammy o
  6. yes they are and i purchased them from my local ford dealer for about £50
  7. hi there dave was wondering i have heard you have a stage 2 kit coming out for the mk7 but i have the full miltek system but not fitted by mountune would it possible to just get the stage 2 kit as i already have stage 1 just not the mountune one ? thankyou
  8. front grill just pulls of easily ! the fog lights have three clips on the back so you need to get behind them ,with the rear im not sure the bodyshop did it for me, as far as im aware ther eis two rivets on the bag which you have to break , other option would be to tape it up i suppose !
  9. yes they have , in anthercite grey , not sure on paint i had them done at bmw ,
  10. thankyou not as yet , put the puma gear knob in is all !
  11. thanks again jay
  12. when i got my plate it took 6 weeks :o
  13. yes there worth every penny and also make a nice little touch !
  14. iv got some black paint i just need to do it tbh ! also hoping theres a rear setup coming out soon alarm is needed i agree
  15. everythings shiny on my car it had to go looked awful ! wax the back window and water just runs off !