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  1. Locking the doors.

    Hi All, I've just bought a 2003 focus 1600cc, when I got home and tried to lock it up, the fob locked it but straight away it unlocked it also when I used the key, it did the same. it locked and unlocked within 2 seconds. Anyone got any ideas what's wrong with it. Cheers.
  2. key fob

    Hi, I changed my battery in my key,but since it does not open or lock my doors, I got another key from scrap yard and put my sensor into it ( the glass what's in the key ) I've tried to program it by putting key in IGN and turning it on/off 4 times,but my car does not make any sound.and still won't lock/open my doors. my car is a 1998 Mondeo estate. Cheers.
  3. alarm

    Hi All, When I lock my car ,the hazard lights don't flash like they used to do, ( the doors lock like normal and my hazards work as normal ). could it be a fuse ? if so,where would I find the fuse.It's a 1998 mondeo estate.. Cheers all.