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  1. ka problems

    Hi all, i have a W reg 2000 ka done 51k. The horn seems to have gone, i pressed it last week and it squeaked at me and died! is this it dead completely do you think? Is it expensive to replace? The wind screen wipers seem to be blocked, bottle full, but no water coming out, have taken the tops off but still no water coming out of the pipes?? the motor does sound like it is working - would it be quiet if it wasn't? Also loud knocking sound coming from front right when turning right? the wheel does not seem to move when it is on the flat and no handbreak on so not sure if it is a bearing or not? has anyone else had this could it be a joint of some sort? Need to get all these fixed before MOT in June and just would like an idea of anything i could possibly fix myself cheaper than paying ford to do it!! All suggestions greatly received! Thanks