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  1. Update

    From time to time i use teh Ford Pass app whilst running the car, today I loaded it for the first tiem in a few weeks and it notified me of a field service action: Field Service Action: Mondeo - Electric Parking Brake - Configuration data Field Service Action Code: 17B27 I take it this means I need to book it in for a software update with the dealer?
  2. Im fairly sure it needs to be the Titanium X (Or at least have the fancy seats) to get this feature.
  3. Hi, According to the manual, you can disable this. Also, and this might help if you cant locate the disable option, if you manually fold the mirrors (by pressing the button) before you lock it, it wont automatically unfold them again. I noticed this on my 2017 Mondeo when I was mucking about with it a few weeks ago. The manual mentions this too: Auto-Folding Mirrors Note: The auto-fold mirrors operate only if they are in an unfolded position. If you folded the mirrors using the power-folding control, then you must unfold the mirrors using the power-folding control so the auto-fold feature can work. The mirrors fold automatically when you lock the vehicle. The mirrors unfold when you unlock the vehicle. You can switch this feature on or off using the vehicle settings menu in the information display. Hope that helps? Lat
  4. 2017

    I've got a 2017 Titanium, no niggles yet. Very pleased with her.
  5. Ambient Lighting

    Hey Folks, I've got a 2017 Titanium (Which I love) and always felt the Ambient lighting was a bit 'too' ambient. It was barely on! Dragging the colour indicator up or down barely made a difference. Then last week, I noticed the light was a LOT brighter. I know the SYNC system can update OTA and certainly it checks for updates whenever I get home (my drive is in range of the router), has there been a recent SYNC 3 update and would a SYNC update affect the Ambient lighting setting? Lat
  6. Ordered it at last.

    Nice. LIke the red stitching on the seats as well. Did you go with the Sat nav, or leave it and use the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto?
  7. Ordered it at last.

    Did you get her today?
  8. Ordered it at last.

    Nice. :-)
  9. Ordered it at last.

    Doesn't matter which way you go, Apple or Android, they will work superbly with the car. Apple though :-)
  10. Ordered it at last.

    It's in the manual, it just says not to overtax it for the first 1000 miles.
  11. Ordered it at last.

    How do you connect the Ford Pass to the car?
  12. Ordered it at last.

    Ill need to give the FordPass app a go, though Ive been unable to set it up as it keeps crashing when Im inputting my address..... Ive used the parkassist a few times and its never let me down......well, there was one awkwardly shaped space I got into, the car parked, but then decided to spend 5 minutes trying to re park as there was a funny shaped pillar on the rear....
  13. Full LED Tail lights

    Thanks for that, I did check the online manual but missed it obviously!!
  14. ...I might have missed something, but Im sure the MKv is advertised with full LED in the back, yet, my reversing lights are clearly not LED.....They're plenty bright enough, but not as advertised perhaps??
  15. USB Pen drive size?

    Logged into my Ford account (Sign up at Ford.co.uk) and checked the online manual, cant see a size limitation, but it needs to be USB 2.0. I can try USB 3 later on and see if it works: USING SYNC™ WITH YOUR MEDIA PLAYER  You can access and play music from your media player through your vehicle's speaker system using the system's media menu or voice commands. You can also sort and play your music by specific categories, for example artist or albums. SYNC is capable of hosting nearly any media player including: iPod, Zune, Plays from device players, and most USB drives. SYNC also supports audio formats, for example MP3, WMA, WAV and ACC. Confirm that the USB device has been formatted correctly and has the following specifications: USB 2.0. File format must be FAT16/32. Note: NTFS file format is not supported. The format of the audio files on the USB device must be: MP3. Non DRM protected WMA. WAV. AAC.