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    mk 5 fiesta
  1. Fiesta Mk5 Alloys and Front Grille??

    ive got a black mk5 3 door with rs2000 wheels on i bought sum 195 45 toyo tr1's for it also and looks rele nice i think oem+ ftw
  2. mk5 fiesta clear indicators

    thanx for all your replys will have to have a go tommorow i think it should look nice as i am after more of a euro look other then the standard chavy halfrauds bought lights
  3. mk5 fiesta clear indicators

    thanx i shall get some of them just need a hand on how to remove the orange backing inside the light
  4. i want to take the orange backing out of my front indicators does anyone know how to do this and also where i would get the bulbs that dont look orange but wen illuminated flash orange