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  1. Grinding & stiff PAS

    I have recently had a flush and refill done on my 2008 mk 6 Fiesta's power steering since the fluid was black and the steering felt very stiff; it now feels more responsive but it didn't fully get rid of problems I'm experiencing. When dry steering towards full left lock it starts to grind also when turning a sharp left at low speeds. The steering also still feels stiff just off centre at speed and under breaking. I'm sure I sometimes hear a knock over speed bumps but it never happens when I listen for it. I think this started after I had to smash my wheel into a curb when a woman in a Dacia pulled out on my invisible black car with inches to spare. There doesn't seem to be any abnormal noises coming from the PAS pump or the belt; I have also considered the CV joint but from where I can see the CV boot looks fine. Is this suspension/wheel bearing related?