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  1. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Just registered and all works as expected now.
  2. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    The info for my recall is in the web page source. I can read it in there but can't expand the recall item on the page. You didn't have to register to see info about the build or notices before! Why/When did that change?
  3. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    + icons don't expand for me in Chrome or IExplorer. Also don't get any info under the car like you used to a year or so back. On inspecting the source of the webpage, there is no code to expand/collapse anything. @Stoney871, what browser are you using and have you tried it recently ?
  4. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    And people wonder why buying a builtin sat nav is an expensive option ! Most off-line nav units now (apart from aviation) tend to have free updates for life which are updated at least quarterly. TomTom had the map share thingy which meant you could upload user changes for approval by TomTom and received free user updates that had been approved. It makes you wonder why they bother with their own mapping solutions and just give you a google maps plugin (maps downloaded on your phone) ... and I don't mean via CarPlay or Android Auto. Although the Car Play is really nice, and the Android Auto is ugly and buggy and you can't choose what you want from your phone and what you want from your Car (i.e. Just Phone Nav but Car Audio, etc).
  5. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Mine was built Sept 2016 and is the same as yours. I've asked my dealer to chase Ford UK for an answer to both Sync3 updates (to v3) and the latest maps ... No response yet! but I'm taking the car in in a couple of weeks so I'll pester them some more then. Last time he spoke to the Ford UK Edge Product manager and he was pretty helpful. It's very frustrating that the UK seems to be the only market that Ford has opted to let the dealer do the update, even though the tech is in the car to do it. Even India has a download page on their Ford site for user upgrades!! and the US has just stated getting the v3 update and already have had a v2.2 update since the car was launched in the UK.
  6. servicing

    Ian, I too use a small family local dealer and they do look after you like one of the family. My comments were very generic and targetted at the very large nationwide dealerships who I've delt with in the past and would never buy from again. They include, but by no means extensivly to the likes of Atlantic Ford, Bristol Street Motors to name but two! These have never budged on list price, never thrown anything in on the purchase, always thrown any ownership compaint and niggles as 'not covered by warranty' and never personally called me to follow up on my purchaseor generally see how the car is going and if im enjoying it .... unlike my local family Ford dealer, who has bent over backwards to ensure the experience and service is about me ... the customer, and my car.
  7. servicing

    The letter also has a bit below the AA cover titled Ford Assistance which explains that if you take it to a participating Ford dealer for a service, you can get the alternate 12 month Ford Assist cover ... Now, using the 'convenience check' as the 'service' for 2yr schedules (See https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/service-and-maintenance/service-promotions/convenience-check) it then covers you for the next 12 months. Having had a chat with my local Ford dealer both prior to purchase AND a few weeks ago when I popped in, mine's going in for one on Nov 17th and also to have the Airbag Recall done at the same time ... so I'll let you know! And why don't they tell you ... Probably because they get a commission from the AA for referrals! Same way they want you to use Finance, etc. ... Ford get paid, AA get paid and you pay double! You get nothing at a car dealership unless you ask, haggle or do your homework first!
  8. Running lights

    @Jonro2009, I know how to change my bulbs because I've done it many times and I read owner manuals. I would say that on the most part, it's self explanatory when you open the bonnet and look at the back of the light cluster. I am not berating someone, I am merely pointing someone in the direction of the information they need , and have already got! Both posts were posted 9 hours before I commented and read by over 34 people, non of which offered ANY assistance. Forums are great for finding out stuff that is beyond the ordinary, but come on ... the original post was just LAZY, we all know its easy to ask ... but its just as easy to go look. It took me 3 minutes to find the info (not how it was done, but so I could give the actual page number in the manual to the poster - See Facebook Comment on the same question), and that was after downloading an owners manual from the ford website. You say they had no access to a PC, but had access to post the question in multiple places
  9. Running lights

    You've posted the same question on here and facebook ... it would have taken less time AND given you the answer if you just looked in the owners manual!
  10. Tyre life

    I've always used BlackCircles.com and found them to be really competitive. Most of my 'car enthusiast' friends use them too and they don't part with their cash too easily! Where do you normally get your from?
  11. Tyre life

    Try Blackcircles.com. Replacements for my Sport 245/45 R20 Pirelli Scorpion Verde are £224 fitted ... not that I need them yet. Still on 6340 miles after 11 months!!
  12. 2016 edge cluster

    No, sorry!
  13. 2016 edge cluster

    Whilst we get this cluster in our UK (European) models, we don't get petrol (gasoline) engines, only Diesel! I think the same cluster is used in the Mondeo (Fusion in the US), I suspect it will be the same hardware part, but just configured differently in software.
  14. Curtain Airbag recall

    ETIS still allows reg lookup!! If I remember right, it doesn't show in some browsers (especially on mobile devices). Its ok in IE and Chrome on a laptop/desktop. Also, you can find out about recalls using the FordPass app on a phone/tablet. It currently shows my outstanding recall on both systems :-) .. So, getting it done at the end of November along with my 1 yr Ford assist renewal. EDIT : Just noticed that it doesn't show the details of your car build anymore and the expand button on the recall notice for further info doesn't work!!
  15. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    I don't understand either how these vans can be concealed and they don't have to put out warning signs that there is a camera about ... unlike fixed camera, which have to have signage and be highly visible! The fact they are not operated by the police, but civilians makes you wonder what other 'normal' 'safety camera' loop holes these things hop through! There are a few interesting YouTube videos of people parking or just standing in front of them, blocking the camera view. Don't think there is anything they can do other than move