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  1. Petrol Ford Edge

    I think if Ford are serious long term about the Edge in Europe/UK and the u-turn on diesel 'frendliness', then they have to offer a Petrol in yhe next 18 months. Be nice to see the 2.3 ecoboost (315bhp) used in the Mustang or Focus RS in the Sport/ST-Line as it is in the US/Canada.
  2. Speed limiter!

    Ian, Be very very wary of allowing the speed signs to automatically determine and adjust the limit (think its an option on the dash somewhere), I had a really bad experience (and I think someone else has on here too) where I was accelerating from lights in an unrestricted zone when the camera saw a side road with a 20 limit on it! I had an instant cut in power, and i'm sure a bit of brake was applied, as I was already way past 50. Not a pleasant experience and I suspect the car behind me that almost rear ended me must have thought I'd brake checked him!!! Not used the camera limiter assistance since. I do use the manual limiter a lot though and I like that. "But I suspect rather frustrating for any body following you in a hurry!" ... I think you can set a tolerance in the dash, so it lets you go up to 10 MPH faster than the limit sign.
  3. ST-LINE

    All Edges are made at the Oakville plant, Ontario, CANADA!
  4. Puddle and edge light

    Is yours Auto or Manual? I could understand if it was a manual as an Auto box effectively locks the transmission in park.
  5. Puddle and edge light

    I've got an 210PS Auto, for them to work it has to be in 'Park'. Doesn't matter if the e-handbrake is on or off.
  6. servicing

    Doesn't a "convenience check" just mean that "although the car is good for 2 years" (hence the service schedule period), "we are just going to charge you for nothing! as if your car really needed looking at, we would have thrown a 1yr interim service into the actual schedule !!!!!" In reality, your just paying £34.99 for 1yr roadside assistance (which you can probably get cheaper elsewhere). Then when you get your car serviced at the scheduled time, you'll get a year "free" again from Ford. I'm sure when I got my Edge, the dealer said just pop in and see them and they would sort out renewing it for the second year. Didn't mention anything about paying for it or needing the car for a check! I'll let you know in December.
  7. servicing

    Ask them what the service schedule for "1 year/10,000 miles" says needs doing! ... that will confuse them when they can't tell you, 'cos they can't find it. Even ETIS states 2 yrs/18000 (and lists the service items) as does the service book. If they don't know their cars or are just trying to get you to pay for something that doesn't need doing ... i'd be taking it somewhere else!
  8. Sync 3 CarPlay has died

    Only time I've seen this is when the lightning socket connector on the phone was full of cr4p! Mine wouldn't charge the phone either, so if yours is still charging, it is probably something else. If it's not showing the settings option, then maybe it can't detect the USB hub (wiring/faulty?) and determine its capabilities! Just a thought. If you got to the info page on Sync, what version does it show?
  9. Optional Extras?

    + Inflatable rear seat belts Original 2016 Brochure attached ... All-New-Edge-eBrochure.pdf
  10. Adaptive Steering Malfunction

    There is a TSB (Technical Servide Bulletin) that covers the adaptive steering and one specific trouble code. The fix for that is to replace the steering wheel. I hope that if it happens to mine, that the steering wheel they replace it with is a later part and has had the problem engineered out and not just 'throw another one on' until it happens again! As for a courtesy car goes, if you've spent £35K+ on a car, I'd expect the same a s a loan car or even something else from the top of the range! I certainly wouldnt be fobbed off with "Sorry we havent got anything available".
  11. Auto Relock

    @xn85, The 2015 model was in production for the US/Canadian market before launched in the UK and it was standard on those. I can't beleive for one minute that it wasn't a carry over feature to the UK from day 1! There are features we don't get like auto lock (when you put in drive and do more than 12 MPH and the door automatically lock and unlock when you put it in Park), but that is not a normal feature in the UK and I suspect its not fitted due to safety concerns, i.e. getting in/out after an accident!!. It is, without a doubt a software configuration. I'll dig out my Forscan and get a snapshot of the firmware versions in all the ECUs in my build. If someone can do that on early UK (sync2) builds, we can do that comparison on here.
  12. Auto Relock

    Video's showing Relock functionality on a Sept 2016 built (UK) Ford Edge Sport ... Unlock (mirror unfold, ext lights on), then at 25 seconds the external lights go out, at 45 seconds car re-locks (indicator flashes, mirror folds).
  13. Auto Relock

    @xn85, Did you ask them why it works on other Edge's sold in the UK since last June? Mine is a Sept 2016 build and it works on that. I can video it and post that if it helps! As for "can't be fitted" ... it's a bl**dy software feature of the Central Locking, Immobiliser and/or Body Control Module, they wouldn't have taken functionality out after months/years developing it and releasing it for production. At worst its a 'bit' that needs toggling in the ECU(s) configuration.
  14. Sport Alloys painted or diamond cut

    They are painted and clearcoated.
  15. LED build change over.

    HI jim, It was based on my experience as a princial electrical/electronics engineer at a major construction company. The LED worklights used had to be mounted on external brackets and the lamps rear shell was a die cast housing with more heat sink fins than a 50cc motorbike engine! After 20 minutes of use, you couldnt touch the back of them. They drew about 4.2A @ 13.6V (Rated at a true 55W). What you have looks like its only about 18W. They probably sell them as equivalent illuminosity as a 55W/100W filament lamp! Nice you've spot temped the mounting, as that's the bit I would be concerned with, especialy in contact with the ABS/PBT headlight housing. Your last post summed it up for me though! If they don't perform, the rest is just pointless chaff. If you do find an good alternative though, a similar analysis would be great.