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  1. Engine Vibrations - Gearbox Mount?

    Sorry was at work. If it's the same you will only see it on a ramp. The manifold/ flexi combo has a bracket that mounts onto the frame just before the silencer.
  2. Engine Vibrations - Gearbox Mount?

    Yeh and exhaust hit the petrol tank on corners and since mines got welded the backbox one broke and is tied with a jubilee atm 😁
  3. Engine Vibrations - Gearbox Mount?

    Make sure your exhaust bracket nearest the engine (part of manifold) is intact as seems like the same issues I had.
  4. Focus mk2 headlight plug wiring diagram

    I just followed these diagrams off Google there is different variations but they give he general idea.
  5. suspension arms replacement

    I had that issue and bought both and ended up being 21 (focus MK2.5 1.6) .
  6. Service

    Just directly behind the drivers side bumper up front mines screwed off easily by hand
  7. Rear arm bushes

    Thanks like like a pig of a job with all the parts to be removed to get them off lol
  8. Rear arm bushes

    Whilst getting my exhaust welded and the car was on the lift I had a good look under there and found the driver side rear suspension arm that bolts to the body has a perished bush and the arm has been touching up against the body. Is this and expensive job to get replaced and can it be just the bush or a whole new arm?
  9. Focus head lights

    That's the xenon lights you get on the RS/ST you get similar ones in halogen form too http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302129127634
  10. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    Yeh the screenwash jets are prone to leaking on your year of car here is the common list and possible fixes
  11. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    Mines has never let me down. They go through tyres and bushes at the front mostly and the front cat bracket is weak but apart from that great cars.
  12. Popping/banging

    Got it on the ramps today and found the issue. The manifold/cat combo at the front it's bracket has snapped allowing the exhaust to move and the backend swings towards the petrol tank. I can either get it welded or have to get a new one do you think it would last welded?
  13. Focus MK2 1.6TDCI a year on

    They look great :)
  14. Focus MK2 1.6TDCI a year on

    Looks real stealthy is that fly eye on the rear units too? Makes a big difference to the whole look and I like it :)
  15. Engine under tray

    Mines doesn't have one if that's any help.