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  1. Mk 2 or Mk 2.5 Front Camber Correction

    Quick search came up with this. http://www.venommotorsport.com/suspension/eibach/front-camber/ford-focus-mk2/
  2. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    I so wish as it's much whiter looking light.
  3. MK2 Heated Steering Wheel

    Then if too long will get tangled round your feet/pedals lol
  4. Whistle Whistle!

    Still not able to track this down and the whistle seems to be more constant could be be related to the tensioner?
  5. Pollen filter

    Yaaaay lol less smelly cars and healthier people :)
  6. RS spoiler has arrived

    They are 3mm. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-BLACK-SILICONE-VACUUM-BOOST-VAC-HOSE-PIPE-TUBE-3MM-ID-X-7MM-OD-X-1M-/400359672580?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item5d374bcb04
  7. Pollen filter

    Lol I stripped mines too had buy the sockets you get in screwfix that tear into it to get it off.
  8. Pollen filter

    Done mines and there was less than an inch space in between the fusebox metal cradle and the opening so I got annoyed and took out the glovebox and then unbolted the cradle and then it gave more space and was easier to see what to do. What a stupid place they put it I ended up all cuts and scrapes but got it in. The old one was black but not mouldy or anything. I found some old spillage that somebody had made in the glovebox that was under where it screws in so got all that cleaned up during the process it took about 3 attempts to screw the glovebox back in cos each time some part was not right but guess you learn from doing it 😁
  9. Focus headlights

    I would say the square will be for the ballast to convert the power for the hid there is guide to retrofit hid lights if that's not what you want then I would send back and get the cheaper halogen ones
  10. Tyre time.

    I get what you mean defo wouldn't be getting a tyre for 20 quid though would be utter junk 50-60 a corner is my budget atm.
  11. Tyre time.

    The way I see it is they all wear out the same so why pay more for different rubber it's just a waste of money budgets all the way.
  12. interior light wont go off

    Pop the unit out all you need is a flathead in by the windscreen end. Make sure to go right in otherwise the plastic pops off and the switch falls out which happened to me and put me in the same situation. You are best to look in clear light as it's hard to see due to the colours but once off unclip the wires and you will see the switch parts in a line with 2 indents the indents are where it's sits in auto. Make sure none of the switch parts are touching the metal on the outer edge of the light or it stays on. If so remove the outer plastic it pops off and slightly bend the copper switch away from the area and replace making sure it follows the line and it should work again.
  13. Mk3 Focus headlight pattern

    Dunno about mk3 but on the MK2 if you don't put the bulbs into the headlight first then place the holder onto it the light beam is smaller if you do it properly it spreads out fully.
  14. Pollen filter

    Thanks guys appreciated.
  15. Pollen filter

    Thanks are they a pain to install? Does the glovebox actually need to come out?