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  1. The badges are aftermarket I think, from DMB Graphics.
  2. Quite possibly, or steeper congestion charges for diseasels. Something of that ilk seems likely, but no politician will put their head in that particular noose until after the election.
  3. They'll be levied for going into certain areas instead.
  4. Yes, my old WD Matchless ran a Burman box, but that's not really relevant. As stef123 requests I'm not going to play with someone who seems determined to argue. It's not fair on the other forum users that you're having a public pop at me and polluting a thread that they have to read. You got a problem with me then pm me direct and I'll be happy to delete it.
  5. Tidying up one of my garages today found 2 x bottles of petrol Redex. "This product is safe to use with catalytic converters", says the label. Excellent, so chucked one each in each in the Westie and the Fusion.
  6. Just one thought. Check there are no differences between towbars for the three and five door models before you buy. I don't think there will be, but best to be safe.
  7. Original Ford can be had very cheaply if you ferret around on the internet. Not everyone in the spanner trade likes NGKs, but I'm fine with them. Denso are also good. Buy whichever of the three is cheapest. If that car is looked after as good as it looks you'll have little problem.
  8. That's a very pretty ST. Ford bestowed these motors with long life plugs. Yours may be on its second set by virtue of mileage. If its driving fine there's little point replacing them, but when it's time for a service then you could slip some in. Again, if it's driving fine I'd be inclined to leave the leads alone.
  9. The towbar will fill fine by year. It will work without a relay box, but its not clever. Modern looms aren't as robust of those of old so its not wise to go splicing in like people did in days of yore on their Cortina. A relay box protects the loom, and done properly ensures the towing indicator illuminates on the dash. There's a wiring diagram in the Haynes Book of Lies if you fancy having a crack yourself.
  10. I have the equipment and knowledge to do front wheel alignment myself, in 3D if necessary (useful for tweaking my Westfield), so while I know less than my professors I'm pretty confident I know more than you ever will.
  11. You need new or nearly new tyres, or its not worth bothering. To do it properly the tyres need to be set to an exact cold pressure. Ride height needs to be checked against the book , because if springs have sagged with age/mileage it'll be off (a skilled engineer can compensate the figures for it) because the suspension moves in an arc, which alters the angle at which the wheel is sitting - every single person I have watched, bar one, never bothers with those two steps, so fails straight away. You man at Fred in A Shed Tyres, or Bombsite Exhuasts, is almost guaranteed absolutely to not do this. If you're really anal, or if you have a race or track day car, you'll have it done with the drivers weight simulate in the seat so the suspension is at the height at which the car is driven when the FWA is set. You will never, ever get a tip top FWA anywhere outside of a good quality accident repair specialist, or a Motorsport/race car engineers. I know I'm very anal because I studied Automotive Science and Engineering at Uni like my Dad before me, but most Fred in a Sheds are absolute butchers.
  12. I'm sure you'll get a top quality wheel alignment job for £20. Not. That'll be a cheap job from the knuckle draggers at then tyre and exhaust place.
  13. Here's mine... The original headlamps were cloudier than grandads cataracts, so were replaced with a nice clear mk1 set. Next is black diamond drilled & grooved discs and EBC pads, 1" drop, boot spoiler, 20mm rear axle spacers, maybe some ST seats.
  14. I've experience of this. The DVLA won't care. Sign your own name.
  15. There's a range of performance Foci from mild to wild - might be simpler and cheaper just to buy one.