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  1. Take it to a proper garage. Kwak Fit couldn't find their own arrisses if you gave them a mirror on a stick.
  2. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    No reason to be baffled - someone has been giving it too much right foot. I wouldn't be surprised if the clutch required replacement on the earlier side of typical either. Quickest I've destroyed a tyre on the road was the back tyre on my ZZR1200. I wrote it off in an afternoon! It needed a new chain, sprockets and cush drive every third tyre, so I soon got used to riding sensibly (ie, only twice as fast as any Evo or R34 I came across...)
  3. Check your fuses. Most modern era Fords have separate fuses for the main beam on each side.
  4. Generally I'm up for a bit of light hearted tuning, but in this case I'd be inclined to agree. The ST was only £1600 more than the Red/Black edition 140.
  5. Well spotted! That's almost through to the carcass. £500 fine right there
  6. nice snow pic

    My neighbours have been busy...
  7. Control arm bent, drop link snapped...as Stoney says, needs to get in the air and have a full check over, though with luck nothing else will be mullered.
  8. Keyless start

    Christ, didn't they un-pair the missing key before flashing a new one? That could potentially have left a live and functioning key at large.
  9. 2018 Mondeo Sony upgrade.

    Sound quality with road, tyre and engine noise ruining it? No.
  10. Happy Birthday

    Tomorrow is the 12th Birthday of my Fusion. In the last 12 years she has been utterly reliable, never broken down, never failed to start, and never given less than 40 mpg across a tank. OK, she's low mileage at 63k, but she's always lived outdoors, and has never let me down. Not a spec of rust on the body either, although she has been waxoyled several times now. She looks a quarter of her age and ticks like a Swiss watch, so I can't see any reason to sell her. Hell, its not inconceivable that she'll spend the next 12 years with me as well. All bought and paid for, all going well. I chuckle at these folk who pay hundreds a month on a new car loan (or even worse, PCP) when comfortable, dependable motoring can be had so cheaply. OK, she's not set my Y fronts ablaze with desire, the neighbours look down their noses at her, and she's never likely to get me laid, but if you're one of those old fashioned people who buy a car for transport (and not to impress people you don't like anyway) then this is the way to do it. So happy Birthday Miss Zetec, and may you have many more like it.
  11. Modified Fusion

    Yes indeed. Mine is the facelift which originally had the amber indicators, but I swapped them out for a pre facelift set. Its a direct swap, very easy, and the only other change required is the addition of orange indicator bulbs, or Silvatecs in my case.
  12. Engine warning light

    Yep, an informal special ops company formed from, of all things, engineering corps personnel. Not a job I'd have relished!
  13. 1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    The 125 is up the the job, though it needs working if you're pressing on. The 1.5 has more power, but its not as eager feeling, the delivery isn't as pleasing, and the 95% of the time you're not using the extra horses its supping more fuel. The 125 just feels nicer. If outright thrust bothers you that much then neither motor is the one to choose.
  14. Modified Car Valuation?

    Aye, for insurance purposes its an ageing 1.6lx. The rest of it means not a jot to the night street insurers. The only way around it is a specialist modified car insurer who'll do you a policy to an agreed value, and charge you accordingly.
  15. 1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    The 1.0 is simply a nicer unit.