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  1. Insurance

    If you've gone from a standstill at a red traffic light at the top of the slip road, and you have to merge safely with traffic travelling at 70MPH only 200 metres away, how do you do that without accelerating pretty sharpish? Please explain how you expect to be able to join the flow safely if you have not matched your speed? There is no such thing as "right of way" in the UK, and I have never suggested there was. Ever. There is only priority, and that is a commodity you give to others, and never simply take for yourself.
  2. Brakes pads - these any good?

    A lot of counterfeit brake components about. Only buy from a trusted source.
  3. Indeed. Decent testers won't remove them themselves, unless they know you really well, in case you're a plant from the Ministry. Others will advise you when you book the test to remove such items before bringing the car in.
  4. Very surprised indeed, seeing as the US market wiring diagram appears identical.
  5. They won't do any dismantling on the MOT. A by the book tester won't even remove dangly trophies from the mirror. The car must be tested "as presented", not part dismantled.
  6. Could it be done in Forscan? Plenty of non EU markets don't have DRLs, and I'm sure they won't wire them differently
  7. Insurance

    Those black boxes are a con. Someone pulls out on you, so you emergency stop. Instead of rewarding you for your good reactions and excellent observation skills, it punishes you for hard braking. However, if you endanger yourself by not braking, or braking gently, it rewards you for your sensitive touch on the brakes. You're pulling onto a motorway of fast moving traffic. You accelerate hard and pull on to the carriageway. Instead of rewarding you for your foresight in acxurately matching your speed to the traffic flow it punishes you for hard acceleration. However, cause a hazard by dangerously dawdling into the traffic flow and causing people to swerve or brake and it rewards you for your gentle caressing if the throttle. Make no mistake, the only person that benefits from black boxes are the insurers.
  8. Insurance

    My 20 year old Daughter is with Go Girl. £1100 for a brand new £22,000 Qashqai with no black box. Where you live is one of the biggest influences, and there's not much you can do about it (other than move). And there's me, £138 fully comp with the RAC on our brand new £25,000 Sportage. The benefits of old age and a safe postcode!
  9. What colour?

    But then why not wait until March and get an 18 plate? Or next September for a 68? If you're buying a car you've actually got to stop at some point and put your cash on the table, and whenever you do it there's a potential argument for waiting until the next registration change. The biggest hit in trade value is by calendar year, not prefix. If you were looking to buy a car in December I'd suggest hanging on until January, but otherwise it doesn't really matter. Whether you buy a car today or in 8 weeks time, its relative value after 36 Months from date of registration will be the same.

    If they're a Ford franchisee they should manage the paint claim, and arrange themselves to take it to a Ford approved bodyshop. They sell the products with the warranty, as the official retailer they can not simply ignore you because they won't make any profit out of Ford for the work (although they will try).
  11. Anti freeze coolant change

    Just your regular Halfords stuff is fine. Flush your cooling thoroughly to remove all traces of then old stuff, and Robert is your Mothers Brother.
  12. Anti freeze coolant change

    Some firms like Fuchs do OAT stuff that biodegrades in the environment, but no one buys it because its over twice as much.
  13. Anti freeze coolant change

    11 years old, was due its second change last year by dint of age. If its not been done in living memory then go for it. I'm not a fan of testers - the anti corrosion properties fail far faster than the anti freeze properties, and the testers are unable to measure that, rendering them somewhat pointless.
  14. Oil or metal

    Then we agree to differ, Sir! Did my degree in automotive science and engineering, and was quite startled about how little one of these forum oil retail reps actually knew about the subject, despite the lengthy essays they like to churn out.
  15. New fiesta

    There you go, that near on covers any first day depreciation. One of my neighbours negotiated almost 30% off a Pug 208. He drive it for a year, traded it in elsewhere, and got back only a hundred quid less than he paid. Those numbers work for me!