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  1. Speak to an aircon specialist as they may be able to replace the clutch that drives the pulley (as that's what makes the noise) on it's own. The alternative is an entire new aircon pump, which is all Ford sell. Do not ignore it. My Kia Sportage caught fire and was a financial write off just before Christmas when the clutch failed, glowed red hot and started a fire. I also know a guy had a Corsa catch fire for the same reason, though his survived.
  2. Sorry matey. I know it's there in the Fester, and being very close cousins I was hoping it would hold true for the Fusion. Hope you find it and a wiggle of the connector and some contact cleaner cures it.
  3. Not off hand, although F5, F6 F40 and F37 would be favourites. The Haynes book of lies might help.
  4. Which inner panel?
  5. You've checked all the fuses? If its like the Fester the sensor will be under the centre console forward of the gear stick. Worth cleaning the connector. Ford sensors are horrifically expensive but pattern ones are about £100. Good used ones on ebay. About half an hour to fit. only models with TC/ESP have it.
  6. That's moderately beefy, ample for the job. The petrol fusions have only a 40A job from the factory.
  7. That'd be like fitting go faster stripes to my Grannies wheelchair.
  8. It's filled for life, provided it's not leaked away should never need changing. However, new clutch time is the ideal opportunity to do the lube as well.
  9. I'd be inclined to reinstate the original suspension, which presumably didn't clunk.
  10. Quite likely alternator. It's but the work of a moment to test the output. Your guy shouldn't be allowed to own spanners.
  11. The Haynes book of lies doesn't mention any differences between years or models.
  12. I'm going for an edge/lip mount on the tailgate. in RF terms not to most efficient, but it will leave the car undamaged once removed. I can't bring myself to risk mag mounts again, even the three footed ones.
  13. The Ford clips are great. There's a special tool for them, but they ping off easily with a screwdriver and refasten easily with a pair of pliers if you don't have it. Some manufacturers don't use jubilee type hose clips because they don't fasten evenly, and doubtless also because they take longer to fit, but in this instance they'd be fine if you wanted to swap to them.
  14. Excellent! Nice to see another radio nut on the forum ;) I've had a mag mount become detached and smash two windows. Apart from the damage, it frit the life out of me and I nearly crashed with surprise. Hence wanting to avoid mag mounts if at all possible. I'm a full ticket holder G class ham and have under and post grad parchments in physics, so electrically I'm quite happy. I'm just enquiring if any members have already come up with antenna mounting solutions themselves for the Fusion that I could copy. I'd be happy to sacrifice a little RF efficiency for a solid mount, that did little or minimal damage to the car. that said, if there is no other option ill get a 3 magnet mag mount, but that's my least preferred option.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to reply. The antenna would be best in the centre of the roof as that fives then most even radiation pattern. Alas, I don't want to drill a hole through the centre of the roof and would like to avoid using a mag mount. I'm thinking of using a hatch mount and feeding the coax down behind one of the rear lights and into the cabin there, so many holes will be hidden. I've decided the rigs will go in then glovebox of out of sight, and the contents of the glovebox will go in the cubby built into the passenger seat base.