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  1. Got My New Edge Sport

    Someone by me has a black sport. Looks really nice. Enjoy mate.
  2. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    If you are looking at used ones definetly try get a sync3. I think they swapped over on cars built around oct/nov 2016.
  3. Curtain Airbag recall

    Mine also has nothing on ETIS.
  4. Possible purchase

    Had a few small niggles with mine which has all been sorted out. Overall very happy with it and as above make sure you get the LED lights as they are great.
  5. High level brake lamp

    Is it a possibility more light up when emergency stopping to warn others behind?
  6. LED Lighting Upgrade

    You would just splice them into the current dlr cables behind the headlights I imagine.
  7. LED Lighting Upgrade

    Looks like they fit fine. Not sure I would pick them over some led bulbs for the headlights though. What do the basic dlr lights look like?
  8. Low profile tyre question.

    It's a 12% difference. Will see if something else pops up before the snow comes.
  9. Low profile tyre question.

    Yea that's abit of a concern.
  10. Low profile tyre question.

    Well I picked them up. The money they save me I couldn't say no.
  11. Low profile tyre question.

    So nothing unsafe then? Yea in Germany and it's the cheapest time to pick them up now. Have been offered a set for 100 euros which is a hard offer to pass up considering how much a new set would cost.
  12. Low profile tyre question.

    Hi guys I have to buy winter tyres for my Edge for winter. Someone has offered me a cheap set of winters but they are 235/35/19. What issues do you think I will have going so low profile?
  13. Features I love and features I don't.

    If I know I need may need to pull off quickly I just knock it back into sport while waiting which turns off the stop start and then back into drive once I've pulled away. Really takes minimal effort to move the gear know one click back. The stop start bothers me alot less in the edge than it did my focus St. I just leave mine in drive otherwise at lights with foot on the brake. Really don't care or take any notice if others do it. The only time I ever use the parking brake is when leaving the car when I put it both in Park with parking brake on.
  14. Bi turbo diesel

    I agree manual would be great in something small and sporty but in a big cruiser lump like the edge i see no reason for it. Its not like you can throw it down a back road in any sort of sporty way. This is my first auto and its great. I dont think we will ever go back to a manual for our main car as its so effortless around town and in traffic.
  15. Spotify

    Is this over Bluetooth or Android auto?