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  1. Ford Focus Mk 3.5 Roof Rails?

    I don't use the roof as much as you but a couple of times a year use them to carry a ladder. I bought the Ford ones, and got them from Vospers on eBay. I'm more than happy. They fit well, the plastic trims take the majority of the feet, and they take minutes to install.
  2. Door edge protectors

    ...or £1.80 from Amazon...
  3. Door edge protectors

    Yep, but not the posh folding types from Ford, I spent £1.80 on Amazon for the "old fashioned" plastic types. They fit the 3.5 door profile fine at the height they need to be for other car doors.
  4. fuel economy

    Base it on how many litres you put in to get it to the same point as it was when you started...
  5. You have the A/C on to condense water out of the incoming air, and warmer air will hold more water (hence it not condensing out on the windows)
  6. Focus 2009 clutch issue

    I've had Ford's on and off since MkI Escort in 1973, and have driven dozens... It's a "standard" Ford thing, the high biting point. Always take your foot completely off the clutch in a Ford...
  7. Battery, need help asap.

    They're all lead acid mate, silver/calcium is just what's added to the plates
  8. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    That's way over optimistic, a quick autotrader search will show the 2011 mk3 Titanium going for £5-8K... The high end are very low mileage (13k for one example). As you are P/ex ing, the dealer has to make a profit on your car, so I would have thought £4.5k is reasonable.
  9. I added hill start assist but its not working

    yeah, and it won't hold if you've just rested your foot on the brake to keep the car stationary, you need to give th brake pedal a good boot before pulling off. Works long enough for start-stop to restart and take off...
  10. MK3.5 Buyer Advice

    I've had my 3.5 for 8 months and love it... No issues, but the one "annoyance" is that for such a good spec car is that electric folding door mirrors aren't standard... It's a very minor moan though, having driven for 40 odd years, I really look forward to getting into the car to drive it...
  11. Headlight swap to DRL version 2016 Focus Estate

    LED's unless they have posh circuitry are only on/off. The only way to "fool" the eye into thinking they are dimmer is to rapidly switch them... so if you have a constant on 400 lumen bulb, and you then put a 500 Hz on/off pulse they would be off for half the time and on for half the time, so it would look like a 200 lumen bulb on constantly
  12. more power

    Yeah, that's my memory... I was General Manager at Volvo and the first drive of a 340 was a revelation, and boy were they quick off the mark...
  13. more power

    Sorry, it does... torque converter auto has FIXED ratios. The Torque converter replaces the clutch, and "slips" for take off etc, but for efficiency these days the converter will "lock up" at a certain point but there will be a number of fixed ratios. The only infinitely variable auto transmission (CVT) is based on the old DAF Variomatic principle of a pair of conical pulleys and belts, with the pulleys changing diameter to meet power demand. Driving technique on these was pedal to the floor, engine rev like hell till you got to the speed you wanted, then back off the throttle... PS the Merc has a torque converter gearbox, the latest of which is 9speed....
  14. more power

    Isetta's right, there is no way you can change the gearing without removing the gearbox and changing the pairs of cogs... The only thing that could have changed is the way you're ECU is reporting revs on the instruments... To quote Scotty "Ye cannae change the laws of physics, Captain"
  15. Radiator hose

    For hoses like that look at self amalgamating tape....