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  1. USB audio problem

    USB sticks /SD cards /micro SD cards aren't "reliable" in my IT experience...
  2. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    There are usually adjustment screws for horizontal and vertical alignment, BUT..... PLEASE!!!! do not do it without having access to a proper beam checker ( as opposed to measuring marks on a wall). The bane of driving in winter is people who have adjusted their own lights and proceed to dazzle everyone driving in the opposite direction..
  3. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

  4. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    Pah! Mk 1 Escort! I can trump that with a Honda CD175 with 6V electrics. A torch strapped to my head would be better!
  5. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Already done it, maps are a lot better in my area, not bothered about the gracenote side of it... My phone doesn't do a good job on music info
  6. Another Question About 1.0l EcoBoost 125.

    Absolutely. The Ecoboost isn't particularly economical on short runs, but I get good consumption if I stay at 75 or less on motorways etc. Also cruise control, although convenient, doesn't help economy, as it will "try too hard" to maintain the speed. So for example if I see a downhill run into a dip and then up the other side, I will let the speed creep up to build momentum on the downhill bit, and let the speed fall back on the hill, rather than slavishly sticking to 75
  7. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    I bought mine from Trust Wooodford, and the test drive was only a small loop down around to the A12, and back. The performance was immediately evident even in heavy traffic
  8. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    The 3 pot is what gives the Ecoboost increased torque (for the same capacity, fewer cylinders =more torque), as for vibration there's none, and it's due to 120degree crank throws as opposed to 180 on 4's. The triple also gives a nice throaty exhaust note :-)
  9. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    I bought a 2016 1.0 Ecoboost Focus in January to replace my 140bhp CRD Seat Exeo which performance I felt was awesome. I love it. It doesn't "feel" any worse than the Exeo, although town fuel consumption is much worse, and I look forward for any excuse to get into it and go for a drive

    But what have you got to lose? A mate of mine with a boat had his volt meter reading 5V when he turned the electrics on, and the symptoms were of a huge current drain. The cause was poor battery connections, and he had already changed the battery... It'll take you 5-10 mins max, and won't cost you anything. You haven't commented on battery voltage either. If you jump start, the assisting battery is connected to the OUTSIDE of the battery connection and ground, if you bump start, the received voltage by the rest of the systems won't be reduced by the drop by trying to turn the starter motor... So, yes it COULD well start by jump or bump. Of course, you could ignore simple basic troubleshooting and move straight on to replacing expensive parts, that's your choice

    With a new battery, first check is to get the battery voltage with a multimeter across the battery terminals. That should be 12.7V, and if it is, it will be corroded battery connections. Get the terminals off the battery and use a piece of coarse sandpaper to cleanup the inside of the terminals... Clasic corroded battery terminal symptoms.
  12. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    This is amazing... In about 93/94 I had a Saab 9000 CSE company car, and after about 15000 miles the material on the drivers seat started to open up around the stitching. Saab replaced that without any bother at all. Obviously, a manufacturing fault, as the replacement seat lasted all the way till the car went back at 104,000 miles...
  13. cambelt change due

    A former boss at a large public body imbibed half a bottle of vodka every afternoon, and after he left, the Threshers opposite head office closed down...
  14. Brake pedal play

    In the good old days when I looked after my own motorcycles, (knees and back preclude it now) I used to use a Mityvac hand pump attached to a reservoir via the bleed nipple, and you filled the system from the caliper up, so the air was pushed out upwards... Don't know whether it would be worth a go on a car...
  15. Focus mk3 stop start not working

    When you turn the ignition on, all the car services are live, and you will be drawing a fair amount of current. You should test the battery with a multimeter across the battery terminals on the 20V scale. Anything below about 12.5 is starting to be cause for concern for a car that's been left overnight. When you start the car the starter motor give the battery a big hit with possibly 40-50 Amps drain., if your battery doesn't regularly show 12.7, it's on its way out. Modern batteries quite often will appear ok, until the morning you need to start the car urgently!