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  1. Completely agree, it looks odd as hell, the sooner fully colour coded the better, roll on 19th Feb 🤙🏻
  2. Hi all, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! Just a quick update, the van is booked in the bodyshop on the 19th Feb, it will be with them for a week to get all the colour coding completed + some extra bits and pieces done whilst it’s in. Updates with plenty of photos when it’s all done 🤗🤗
  3. Hi Mike - you've gotta be the first Ive found whose done anything with this cool looking van. An inspiration! - just picked up my 2017 Sport last week and very pleased with it. looking to 'add' to it so will love to be in touch. Maybe we should form a Courier club?

    Seems to be a bit of a crossover with Fiesta but haven't fully worked out what yet.... be good to talk to you.


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    2. Mike2017


      Hey Rob

      thanks for your message, 

      sure, the lowering kit is from a 17.5 Fiesta, you will find most things from the Fiesta fit the van, I got my kit off EBay and it’s been great 👍 

      kind regards


    3. Rob nay

      Rob nay

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the info mate! 

      Ill get searching 👍

      Hi Mike,

      Cool van buddy!!!

      Great idea about the club, I'd be well up for bounding ideas around. I just bought a 2014 model and looking to lower the suspension....can I pick your brains on where you managed to get the lowering kit for it and what's it based on?


      Rob Nay

    4. Rob nay

      Rob nay

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the info mate!


      ill get searching 

  4. Thank you very much, the colour coding isn’t happening until early next year, main reason being my work load, but I’ll be looking at booking myself a couple of weeks off to enable me to correct the paint and apply a ceramic coating once the colour coding has been done.
  5. Thanks very much for the comments everyone 🤗🤗
  6. Finally, after a whole month of not having a clean I managed to find the time today to give it some attention, love this van 😍 just looking forward to getting the rest of the colour coding complete
  7. A lot of people confuse the Courier and Connect, people say to me “that’s a nice Connect” it’s a Courier!!!! 🤣
  8. Arh I would have been interested to see that 🙂
  9. Thank you very much, I really appreciate that 👍
  10. Thanks mate 🙂 Regarding the halos, yes they are wired so that when I switch on the lights the halos switch off 👍 I found them on EBay.
  11. Sorry for lack of updates, hectic work schedule and a bereavement in the family has meant that the van has been neglected 😞😞 However, the van is booked into one of my favourite body shops to complete the colour coding for me as I simply just don’t have the time, the alloys are going anthracite in colour and a few subtle changes are happening too, time to get back on the van and continue its journey to looking how I want it 🙂
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates on the van, due to work being so busy I'm just not getting the time to do a thing to it other than cleaning it. Still haven't got the rest of the colour coding done 😣 however today I did go t chance to whip the wheels off and prep / paint the front calipers/hubs and rear drums. So here are photos 👍 nicely freshened things up. How they were: And the rear drums: As you can see, horrible and didn't compliment the wheels After a thorough prepping process this is how things look now, I chose silver as I have always liked it on calipers rather than a lairy colour. Much nicer behind the wheels now: And the rear drums done in gloss black, massive overall difference now these are done 👌 And naturally the van got another clean Hope you all like 😁 will get the rest of tbe colour coding done asap