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  1. Tyre Management System

    For Ford cars, ETIS should confirm if it uses TPMS sensors i.e. "Tyre Pressure Sensors - 433 MHZ" This is what they look like. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/4x-Tyre-Pressure-Sensor-for-Ford-Focus-Fiesta-C-max-TPMS-433mhz-1862980-2036832/814337702
  2. Tyre Management System

    Yea. The only option I've seen is to reset the tyre pressure monitoring. I assume the system then monitors changes from the pressure recorded at this point.
  3. Tyre Management System

    Not that I've seen on my 2017 Ti x. Think it just alerts when pressure drops by a certain amount.
  4. Replace leather seats with cloth.

    Think the standard UK Ti X is partial leather anyway. Not sure about other Ford options for fabric hearted seat with electric adjust.
  5. Oh didn't realise - is this the one ? https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ford/focus-2011/10-ecoboost-100
  6. I never got close to that and from memory I think Ford claimed a combined MPG of 56.5 so you're doing really well to get 55-68MPG on the 1.0T 125. I guess the only way for anyone to know for sure is try a car over a period and see what they get. :)
  7. I never got anywhere near an average of 47-50mpg on the 1.0T Eco Boost petrol. I don't think it was just me or the car as I've read similar in reviews for what its worth, although the engine felt a bit funny, kind of unbalanced, but i was told this is due to using three cylinders. https://www.whatcar.com/ford/focus/hatchback/review/buying-owning/ "The achievable economy is good on the diesel models; the 1.5 TDCi 120 managed 58.5mpg in our real-world True MPG economy tests. Petrols aren’t so strong, though, and the 1.0-litre Ecoboost 100 managed only 38.9mpg when we tested it."
  8. I'm not heavy footed but needed to keep the rev ups. Fuel economy on the 1.0T is that great. We had a 1.6 petrol (non turbo) before the diesel and the running cost was the primary reason for the move to diesel.
  9. On my commute which sounds similar to the OP's the 1.0 T Eco boot was getting around 42mpg and the 1.5 TDCI is around 56mpg. My personal experience is the 1.0T is pretty thirsty especially if loaded and on motorway drives. Think Honest John and others publish a real world MPG guides.
  10. Not sure if you mean the toxic tax for London, but that also applies to petrol depending on the euro emission of the car i.e. pre Euro 4. Euro 6 diesel cars do not pay to enter the current LEZ or ULEZ that comes into effect in 2019.
  11. I use Ford dealer servicing due to warranty and the 12 month Ford Assist extension. When I last checked service costs were the same i.e. £185 for an interim service in my area. I always felt that I was really pushing the 1l petrol but the diesel feels more relaxed, especially on the motorway.
  12. I was in the same boat and had pretty much always driven petrol. Weekly use is not that different to you, but several times a year we travel a fair bit i.e. Highlands, Cornwall, Lakes, Wales etc. I do very little town/city driving. Had no problems with DPF or anything else (but do use premium diesel) and it's been great in hilly areas when fully loaded, where are previous 1.6 petrol struggled. The main reason I chose diesel this time was running cost i.e. no road tax, much better MPG. I tried a 1L petrol 125 but didn't like it especially on the motorway and mpg wasn't great.
  13. Sync 2 - Problem

    Dead easy - On ETIS select the "Vehicle Lookup" tab, then enter your vin and you will get a vehicle summary screen. On the right of the screen you will see a section with primary and minor "features". Just click on the "+" symbol on the minor features and it will list all the factory options fitted. You need to be registered and logged in to ETIS to see this level of detail. If that's too hard just cost your vin and I'll copy the options and post. ;) Vehicle Lookup
  14. Sync 2 - Problem

    You can do it yourself. Just go to http://www.etis.ford.com and register for free. Once registered you can enter your VIN and off you go.
  15. Sync 2 - Problem

    I agree it's a pain because Ford also add/remove things from the spec and it can be hard to know what's what. Ford ETIS is probably the best way to confirm the exact spec for a given car as this will list the option fitted at factory for a specific VIN number. If you car has it ETIS should list "Multi Colour Ambient LED Lighting" in the features list.