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  1. Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates

    The Sync 3 system receive updates via Wifi but, apparently, this does not apply to nav map data. I suspect it's via a USB but unlike some other car brands that can be purchased from HERE (https://here.navigation.com/europe/) it seems its only available from Ford.
  2. Any idea if there are map updates available for Sync 3 navigation ? If so how much does it cost ? I understand Ford use Here for nav data and there are options to buy updates direct. However, it appears updates for ford are only available from Ford.
  3. Ford Focus Mk 3.5 Roof Rails?

    It's not an option on the hatchback. The plastic trims that runs down each side of the roof are gutter covers and these are not load bearing. The weight of load is transferred via the rubber feet straight into the roof. The official Ford roof bars for the hatch are designed to rest on roof and secure via hooks that fit in a hole in the door aperture. I carry bikes but use a different car. I'm not crazy about this Ford design as it likely mars the paint and there are reports of dents appearing.
  4. Bike carrier for car without tow kit

    I carry bikes regularly and have tried many different carriers. The best I found in terms of limiting damage to car and bikes is using a roof mounted Yakima Frontloader fixed to standard Ford roof bars. This carries holds the bike by its wheels avoiding clamping or contact with the bike frame, which I found caused cosmetic damage where the frame contact the carrier. The bikes I carry are expensive carbon models but even if I was carrying cheap family bikes I'd still look at the roof option to limit car damage. Really depends on what you want to spend.
  5. Having been through the process of buying one of these I'm just trying to help the OP avoid the pitfall I hit of dealers suggesting parts that were just wrong even when providing the car reg. If I enter my old reg on Eurocarparts and look for the rad it brings up the radiator part 203590590 for £71.99 but other info for this part states "As Per Dealer Info Use- 20359059 & 22256020, Info- Combined Radiator & Condenser Sold As Separate Units, With A/C". It also shows a picture but It's not clear if this is just the rad or the multi-exchanger rad. I'm not sure if the part quoted for £117 by the OP is just a condenser bit which would mean breaking apart the existing multi-exchanger unit (the condenser and rad are welded together as a single unit) without damaging the rad element and then trying to fix this new condenser to what's left of the old multi-exchanger rad. The total combined aluminum multi exchanger unit (rad and condenser as one ) is showing in stock at Fastrads for £103 part ACR002
  6. For what it's worth that doesn't look anything like the correct rad assuming it's an actual image of the item. Plus when I put the detail of my old Focus that had the multi exchanger it says this item isn't compatible.
  7. http://www.adrad.co.uk/prices/prices.php?type=radiator&id=16-1068&model=FOCUS&make=FORD Also look here - http://www.fastrads.co.uk My old 2004 Focus had the aluminium Multi Exchanger Rad i.e. Condenser and Radiator combined in one unit as linked above. Easiest way to identify is to measure the rad post to post and compare to the model diagram in the first link above, Also compare the pipe feed locations. The main dealer quoted £700+ for the part lol. The correct aftermarket part was around £140-£200 but sometimes I was quoted less for the wrong part ! Stupid design and your best option way be to buy a separate rad and condenser then bolt together if you don' fancy cutting the old unit apart.
  8. Roof boxes, talk to me !

    I'm not sure what a Ford 'Approved' box is. AFAIK Ford just re sells Thule brand boxes at a premium. Thule is the largest box produce worldwide so it's an "easy" sell for Ford. Other brands to look at that do great products are Kamei, Hapro and Inno. These are less well knows brands in the UK but I'm told Hapro is a top 3 global box producer for example. Thule also make boxes for other people and I was told by a member of staff at Halford that its own brand box was made by Thule but I don't know if this is true. There are loads of options so it's best to work out what shape box you need i.e. storing it can be a consideration for as well as what you want to put in it or what else you want to put in the roof. Also what other features you need such as loading from either side, how easy the box is to lock/open, colour and how easy it is to fit/remove. It's also worth checking what safety standards the box meets and what warranty is provided in case the worst happens.
  9. Roof boxes, talk to me !

    I'd stick with the Ford bars on a Mk3 or newer Focus. These can be had for around £125 from an official Ford dealer via eBay. There are reports of bars causing roof rail damage i.e. scratches or dents so follow mounting instruction closely. I use the Traxer box for camping and it doubles the boot space easy. I keep heavy and wide stuff in the boot and the rest in the box and don't even know it's on as there's little noise. The size of the box is ideal because I can also carry my bike on the bars as well.
  10. Roof boxes, talk to me !

    I use a Hapro Traxer 6.6. It's a great box and good value compared to Thule etc. Think I paid £250. https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/all-products/hapro_traxer_6_6_roof_box_anthracite_black_no_25908/Qx%40w%2C6M4PHS%2CZGenkQvEN{Vo6R Looks good, central locking, opens from either side and easy to fit. It's got around 400l capacity but I can lift it on the myself. The roofbox company offer a wide range and is a good place to start
  11. Hi H8XME I replied to your PM. Your contract of sale under Consumer Contract Regulations is with the supplying dealer not Ford. Seek advice on Consumer Contract Regulation and how to reject a car from a supplying dealer because it is not of satisfactory quality. By law you are not required to accept a fix if offered and can demand a full refund. Also check if the dealer operates under an ombudsman scheme to resolve customer issues. It's down to the dealer to resolve any issues it has with Ford not you.
  12. I had a similar issue with a 2016 Focus that had weird stains under the clear coat on the sides. Ford approved a respray under warranty but I rejected the car. It's bad enough when a car is damaged and needs paint but I wouldn't accept it on a brand new car. Can't say I'm impressed with Fords quality control of how well it's dealers check new cars during psi.
  13. Does anyone have access to ETIS workshop manual that can confirm how to remove the sliding armrest ? The current one has a tear and I'd like to replace it but wish to avoid damaging interior trim trying to find out how it comes out. I'd guess the rear end cap of the central console comes off but I don't know for sure. Cheers.
  14. Air Con DIY re-gas

    Agree. I used a Groupon deal for a £25 regas at a local garage. Always best to watch it being done if you can.
  15. 2017 Ford Focus Manual (PDF)

    Put your VIN into the link below and the online manual/s should be appropriate for your car. I haven't seen a .PDF version for UK models. http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual