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  1. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    It really depends on your priorities. If running costs, depreciation etc is the priority then I'd probably avoid the 1.5. If you only care about how it drives, try both and go with what you like best. As a "rough" guide check out real world MPG https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ford/focus-2014/15t-ecoboost-150. We had a petrol and mpg was way lower than Fords figures. Looks like the "real world" average on a 1.5 150 is around 35mpg , yet Ford claims 50.4 mpg combined and 39 mpg urban. I have a 2017 1.5 diesel and average real world of about 55 mpg, mainly A roads, some motorway and a bit of urban. Also, I'm not heavy footed.
  2. Touchscreen Nav Mk3.5 focus

    With Sync 3 (in the more recent mk 3.5) you just enter the postcode into the search bar or use the voice input. Simples ....
  3. What Stoney871 said. I had a 2016 Sync 2 Ti X and could never find any other use for the wifi connection. Now have a new Sync 3 car and it's a lot different to Sync 2, although, i've haven't had any Sync 3 updates via wifi as far as I know.
  4. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    It appears connected to the hinge correctly and as far as I tell there's no damage or warping to the flap. It just looks like the rear bottom corner doesn't go far enough in and sits about 0.5cm proud. Given it appears to be plastic I'm not sure it could be bent in.
  5. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    Cheers. Yes it's under warranty, but I just wondered if there was a simple way to adjust it rather than having to visit a dealer, which is a PITA.
  6. Any idea if it's possible to adjust the alignment of the fuel flap on a MK3.5 and if so how ? The flat appears to be painted plastic and it sticks out proud for the body in the bottom corner rather than being flush.
  7. New Focus owner questions

    No. Wifi can be used to update the Sync 3 system itself but the nav maps updates seem to be by USB stick or dealer visit. Sync 3 is a lot different to Sync2 having used both.
  8. New Focus owner questions

    As said it's just the rear side lights that are LED .
  9. New Focus owner questions

    I have lots of questions that I hope you can help with: I assume this is a Mk3.5 ? Yes Is the Ford Key Free full keyless entry of just keyless start? - If full keyless it should show as passive keyless entry or similar wording on ETIS Does the Premium Ford SYNC2 DAB Navigation give anything other than better speakers? Yes it raises the boot floor by about 4" to house the sub so you lose some space from the already small boot. I've managed to register in ETIS and pull of the full spec (although it was missing things I'd expected to find from the brochures I downloaded) and also found a section that seems to offer the option to update some of the software on some modules in my car - is this correct and what connectivity do I need (I used to use a cheap USB to ODBC cable for the Galaxy)? Can I update to SYNC3 easily? No Can I update the SatNav maps? On Sync 2 upgrading nav is via an SD card so very easy What other things should I know as a new owner? Sync 2 is pretty slow and a PITA to use on the go due to small icons, poor touch sensitivity and overall slow response.
  10. Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates

    The Sync 3 system receive updates via Wifi but, apparently, this does not apply to nav map data. I suspect it's via a USB but unlike some other car brands that can be purchased from HERE (https://here.navigation.com/europe/) it seems its only available from Ford.
  11. Any idea if there are map updates available for Sync 3 navigation ? If so how much does it cost ? I understand Ford use Here for nav data and there are options to buy updates direct. However, it appears updates for ford are only available from Ford.
  12. Ford Focus Mk 3.5 Roof Rails?

    It's not an option on the hatchback. The plastic trims that runs down each side of the roof are gutter covers and these are not load bearing. The weight of load is transferred via the rubber feet straight into the roof. The official Ford roof bars for the hatch are designed to rest on roof and secure via hooks that fit in a hole in the door aperture. I carry bikes but use a different car. I'm not crazy about this Ford design as it likely mars the paint and there are reports of dents appearing.
  13. Bike carrier for car without tow kit

    I carry bikes regularly and have tried many different carriers. The best I found in terms of limiting damage to car and bikes is using a roof mounted Yakima Frontloader fixed to standard Ford roof bars. This carries holds the bike by its wheels avoiding clamping or contact with the bike frame, which I found caused cosmetic damage where the frame contact the carrier. The bikes I carry are expensive carbon models but even if I was carrying cheap family bikes I'd still look at the roof option to limit car damage. Really depends on what you want to spend.
  14. Having been through the process of buying one of these I'm just trying to help the OP avoid the pitfall I hit of dealers suggesting parts that were just wrong even when providing the car reg. If I enter my old reg on Eurocarparts and look for the rad it brings up the radiator part 203590590 for £71.99 but other info for this part states "As Per Dealer Info Use- 20359059 & 22256020, Info- Combined Radiator & Condenser Sold As Separate Units, With A/C". It also shows a picture but It's not clear if this is just the rad or the multi-exchanger rad. I'm not sure if the part quoted for £117 by the OP is just a condenser bit which would mean breaking apart the existing multi-exchanger unit (the condenser and rad are welded together as a single unit) without damaging the rad element and then trying to fix this new condenser to what's left of the old multi-exchanger rad. The total combined aluminum multi exchanger unit (rad and condenser as one ) is showing in stock at Fastrads for £103 part ACR002
  15. For what it's worth that doesn't look anything like the correct rad assuming it's an actual image of the item. Plus when I put the detail of my old Focus that had the multi exchanger it says this item isn't compatible.