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  1. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    FDM is the Federation of Danish Motorists - a spin-off of the Danish 'Motor' magazine.
  2. Which tyres?

    It might be worth looking at http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk, not so much for the user reviews but the group tyre tests that many/most tyres have been through at some point. That's how I ended up with the Dunlops.
  3. Which tyres?

    I've got the Dunlops and whilst I'd like to say how pleased I am with them I've never really been that able to differentiate between different makes. Longevity is obviously objective but it's too early to tell, but in terms of performance I've never noticed any significant differences beyond that which could be down to the fact that new will feel different to worn. Maybe I just don't push the car enough in my old age... ;-)
  4. Which tyres?

    If they are directional tyres then you'll have no choice (aside of course from getting the tyres refitted the other way round). If they're not directional then there could be some benefit in swapping left-to-right at the same time as the left will have worn slightly more given it takes most of the load on roundabouts. (Same reason that nearside wheel bearings tend to fail more frequently)
  5. Stopping excessive warnings

    This is the 'Emergency Assist' feature which calls 112 in the event of an accident (one involving the air bags deploying or fuel pump cutting off) and reporting the fact along with your GPS coordinates. It does however require a Bluetooth-connected phone hence the warnings. To remove the warnings you can either pair up your phone so that you can benefit from the feature (worth considering?) or you can disable it entirely in the Phone menu section of Sync which I *think* would result in it not complaining.
  6. Which tyres?

    I must admit I am one of those people Isetta! I would never consider buying part worn tyres but I have never given it a second thought that, as you have both pointed out, I am getting part worn tyres on every second hand car I've bought. All that said I still wouldn't change my position - I have a choice when it comes to replacing tyres and would always buy new, but I don't have a choice as to what comes on the car (notwithstanding the fact that I could change them straight away but I don't feel strongly enough about the risks to feel the need to do so.)
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Mine didn't need the turbo replacing as the corrosion was at a very early stage - it only required application of the remedy described in TSB (and the cost for the materials+labour is £80). 2013Ecoboost's turbo was way beyond that option.
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    To follow-up on this, having painted the pipes myself (£7.50) I used the £80 voucher to pay for an MOT and some oil filters instead and would recommend others doing similar. A far better use of the money in my view (not least because I could be satisfied that the pipes (and nothing else!) had been painted well) and both the garage and Ford CRC were quite happy for me to do this (I had to get in touch with the CRC because the dealer initially though the wording in the voucher implied that it could be used for servicing/MOT *or* parts and not both - CRC sent an email confirming that it could be anything bar oil, tyres and fuel). Of course, the potential downside is that if the paint doesn't stop further corrosion then Ford may well want to wash their hands of it as they could rightly claim I had done the job badly. I am confident I didn't though and similar confident that it'll prevent further corrosion as intended.
  9. Is my MPG right?

    Ha yeah, and I'm sure most people don't even get as far as the end before thinking this sounds like too much hassle. Luckily it is much simpler in practice than how it otherwise appears when written down!
  10. Is my MPG right?

    They don't seem to push it. Even the text format is virtually hidden away (it's described in full here). With threaded SMS conversations on all phones now you don't really need to even remember it - I just follow the same structure that I used on the previous text.
  11. Is my MPG right?

    Yes, it can get that way can't it. With my last car I tracked the fuel consumption religiously for 120k miles over 10 years. I must have only missed a couple of fill-ups throughout. Were you aware of Fuelly's free SMS update facility? You just add your mobile number to your config and then text it with a specially crafted message each time you fill up: <mileage> <price per litre> <litres> <optional note>. If you've got multiple cars you just prefix the text with a single letter that you attach to each car as a kind of nickname (e.g. I've set 'f' for our Fiesta, 'c' for the Coupe). You can register multiple mobile numbers too so even my wife can update it on the rare occasion that she fills her car up. It seems to be an almost hidden feature and yet one which I find really handy. Not only does it mean you can easily update your figures as soon as you've filled up but they also text you straight back with your latest and average mpg figures each time.
  12. Is my MPG right?

    Is your average calculated over multiple tanks Blatto? If not then the figures aren't really representative of anything other than what you are getting for individual runs, or worse just for sections of runs. It'd be interesting to see your figures if you have them available?
  13. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Yes, they are significantly different. I suppose anything running down that section will impact the bottom nut+bolt the most but, yeah, perhaps it is more down to its extra exposure to what's coming through the grille.
  14. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    That could well be a factor. This Fiesta was born in Aberdeen and spent a few years there - I am assuming there are issues all year round what with salt spray and road salt.