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  1. Had my Ford focus ST service done 10,000 miles then done a another 7,400 miles in the car , had it take to Ford because the Engine was playing up they ring me and told me I need a new Engine in it and the cost was £8,000 pounds they wanted my Service book then they wanted The receipts for the service then told me I had the wrong oil in it plus said I had 2 much oil in the Engine the st is one year old now still under warranty but they said because I had the wrong oil in it ,,, it was not covered so I had the car removed for Ford too another garage where they did diagnostic on it and told me that number 3 injecting was the fault with the car the oil I had put in was 5w30 c1 fully synthetic the green flag man who checked that oil said it was on the max and he didn't wanna touch the car because he said let food sort it out can any Point me in the right way to get this sorted thank you
  2. Oil

    What the right oil to put in my Ford Focus st TDCI ????