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  1. HI all long time since i have been one here, Can anyone tell me what this sounds like and how much it mite cost to fix. Car = Ford Mondeo 02 plate 140000 miles on the clock 2 lit TDCI when i run the car with the clutch out there is a lot ot ratteling comeing from the engine, when i puch in the cluch it goes, when driveing the car runs ok no loss of speed and gear change is fine , its a bit ruff at low speeds , a bit like if it was petrol then i would think one of the spark plugs needed changed . thanks for any help. Ian
  2. oil leak

    fastishh when it drips
  3. oil leak

    Hi all can anyone tell me what this mite be, i have got a oil leak which for some reason only seams to drip when the electric fan on the back of the radiatour starts to spin when the car is at rest, it a ford mondeo 2.0 tdci 02 plate ,thanks for any help Ian