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  1. Mk3 Focus ST diesel, What mods to do?!

    Cheers everyone who replied sorry for late reply, Im thinking of going bluefin and free air filter and maybe just cosmetic like rs spoiler ect. Any ideas please put em on here !! :)
  2. Mk3 Focus ST diesel, What mods to do?!

    Hi, my mom owns a mk3 focus st diesel and whats to beef it up a bit, she said she wants a rs spoiler but im not sure which place is best to buy one, Also shes keen to get the remapped but im not sure if a bluefin is the way to go or a remapp, Also shes also is keen on a dpf delete and i was wondering if anyone knows a place which may offer a discount on remapping while getting the dpf removed?? Also any other preformance mods advise would be great cheers guys!
  3. Should i keep or sell?!?!?

  4. Should i keep or sell?!?!?

    Thanks for your reply :)
  5. Hi, my names ryan and i own a 2010 ford fiesta zetec s, i brought this car from a auction and it cost me 3500 inc fees and at the time it was a impulse buy as i was very excited for getting a car. I brought it with like 4months+ until my 17th bday, meaning i wouldent be able to use it until then or until i pass my test. In my head i thought its best i sell it instead of having it sit and get seized up ect so i listed it for £3600 and ive only had offers on £3000! So id be taking a £500+ loss From now i have 1 and half months until my 17th bday So my question is do i sell my car and lose £500+ OR keep it until my bday? The car has done 92k miles, 0 service history, Its got a couple of scratches on the rear and wear and tear of 92k miles. Ive checked insureance and its affordable for me but i feel it would be better to get with much cheaper insurance. Im in a really hard place as i love the car but im worried about losng money on it in the future :(
  6. Best remap for mk3 focus st tdci?

    Hi, i thinking about remapping my focus st tdci and was wondering what the best remap is?
  7. Hi im looking for any advice on what mods i should i get to make my diesal st sounding obnoxius af lol, i want pops and bangs and it to be loud af. Any idea on whats best for this?
  8. How do i do this to my car?!?

    What was quality like?
  9. How do i do this to my car?!?

    Could u link me the best one?
  10. How do i do this to my car?!?

    Ahhh ok cheers ty, understandable
  11. How do i do this to my car?!?

    Awsome thanks for the post, but all the ones ive seen are in silver? how do i get white? or red ect?
  12. Fixing a poorly looked after fiesta, i need help!

    Thanks for the advice, yes i got for a decent price. Im 16 and i had some money from inheritence and i wanted to start buying and selling cars from auctions and i guess this was a impulse buy as the excitement got me lol
  13. Fixing a poorly looked after fiesta, i need help!

    Thanks bro, sorry for late reply much appricated!
  14. How do i do this to my car?!?

    Hi, i own a 2010 zetecs fiesta and i wanted to do some cosmetic mods to it. Many mods i see people do is the grill, they have colored shapes inside of the grill and also the i like the idea of the half black splitter but im not sure how i do this? Any advice would be aprricated.
  15. Hi, i recently brought a fiesta zetec s from auction, I was eager to get into auctions and you could say this was a impulse buy lol. I did get it how ever at a good price and after putting it through its mot and paying extra charges im about £3600 into it. I brought it for my first car as im 16 (17 in august). But unfortunatley i may of brought a bit of mess, becuase of my mistakes.. Heres some of the problems: Some scratches, stone ships and a werid mark going down the door (Idk what it is but it wont scrub off) Left sideskirt needs resticking fown on the back side (Not falling off just loose) Couple rips in drivers seat (Need a new drivers seat) Number plates need replacing and more, i will edit the post to update the problems i find. Now this is were i need your help and advice obviously in an ideal sinario i would love to keep the car but i feel it would be better money wise to repair the car to a good state and try resell. The car has had a bad life from the condtion but im not going to let that make me think negative and im willling to get this back to a condition it deserves! What i ask is if u have any suggestions on how i could fix, source or advise me on these problems it would be much aprriciated! -Ryan