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  1. Windscreen wiper problems

    Tried the white vinegar this morning both on the wiper blades and windscreen (applied on a cloth in a circular motion) but it hasn’t done the trick unfortunately, the wipers are still playing up. anyone else got any suggestions? thanks
  2. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    Best thing to do is switch the car off, pull out the fuse and replace it. This normally fixes the problem.
  3. Windscreen wiper problems

    I previously used rain- x a while back (3 months ) and have cleaned the car windows multiple times. I would have thought that would do it? Ill try the white vinegar, thanks. @ThaiFiesta
  4. Windscreen wiper problems

    Hi all, MK7.5 Fiesta, and I'm having some serious trouble with my wipers. I've replaced them twice since March, both times with Bosch Aerotwin top spec ones. They work fine for a while, then they start juddering really badly, I've put a video on here (hopefully it's worked) and its in slow motion to show just how bad the wipers are. Is there something I can tighten, twist or adjust to fix this? Thanks
  5. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I don’t remember copying and pasting but reading that back, you can tell I was making a poor attempt at multi tasking! the manual says 4 for empty and 0 for full on mine as 0 angles the headlights all the way up. If it’s just the colour white then yes, LED’s are great however practicality wise, not so great for the reasons I attempted to go through. Oops!
  6. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    Here is the argument for LED’s, I have them and come from a good position to talk about them as I did a lot of research. Dipped beam is H7, and they are very bright however I have my headlight angle set to 2 because if they have set to 4, they do not light up very far ahead. This is in fact the case for LEDs, they look good and light up what is near you amazingly well, but even with high being/main beam on, a bright white H 15 dipped beam is H7, and they are very bright however I have my headlight angle set to 2 because if they have set to 4, they do not light up very far ahead. This is in fact the case for LEDs, they look good and light up what is near you amazingly well, but even with high beam/main beam on, a bright white H15 LED, I would not recommend going any faster than 60 without other lighting such as Road side lights etc. They do however look extremely good . If you are looking for white, I recommend white halogens. . If you are looking for white, I recommend white halogens. I’ve bought my lights from Autobeam, and in my opinion they are not worth the price, and on my own research they are just a rebranded version of Chinese ones, Again, this is my opinion and others may vary however especially the high beam H15, They are a rip-off and if you could wait the longer shipping times, I highly recommend buying from China directly
  7. Need some help :)

    Most of the questions I can’t answer but the one I CAN answer is about lighting. Interior wise you can search on eBay for 501 LED in colour of your choice, they will serve the boot and foot wells. You can also change the map lights, look at Autobeam for something like that. Exterior lighting, the only lights that major need changing are the front headlights as they are shocking in my opinion. Either go for LEd’s (Autobeam) or perhaps updated halogen such as the Philips Vision one’s. There is a page on the forum somewhere that has all the bulb types(sizes) and where they are in the car so try and find that while putting together your lighting shopping list :) best of luck with the new car and the rest. IMO, OBD port is very subjective to where you park your car and the neighbourhood etc.
  8. Advice needed on LED bulbs`

    From my experience almost everything is pairs
  9. Insurance for my 2014 1ltr Zetec S

    I would say that is very reasonable if it includes modifications. Excess will always be high for the first few years just make sure you don't crash. Have a look at cashback sites such as Quidco or similar, may help bring some insurance down a little but personally, for your specc'd car I would go for that quote.
  10. Zetec S Black or ST

    Personally, ST-3 as you could have a bit more fun and next year it will be cheaper as insurers always hike the price when they see mods.
  11. Insurance for my 2014 1ltr Zetec S

    Get a black box for your first year. Otherwise you’ll just be tempted to rag it all the time and your most likely to get caught out or have an accident in the first few months. Most insurers will want about 3 grand plus to insure you without a black box and the excess will be through the roof. Just take it on the chin. Also, make sure you’re declaring all the mods that you’ve got as I’ve seen you post your build thread (which I do think looks great) as getting cancelled/voided insurance will cost you in the future.
  12. SYNC Bluetooth keeps disconnecting my phone

    Yep. try removing and re-adding your device, if not, switch the radio off and un plug and reinsert the fuse for SYNC, this fixes most issues I’ve ever had
  13. All it took was some rebooting - I never plugged in a computer or anything. best of luck!
  14. Headlights

    The LED’s are retina cleansing at close range, but don’t have a great throw distance, which is fine until your going 50/60+ mph and need to use a bit of extra vision distance, that’s there only downfall. if you only ever do town driving then they’re great, just not so good in the dark where you want to see a long way ahead
  15. Headlights

    I wouldn’t recommend AutoBeam LED I have got both dipped beam and full beam and although they are OK, the light output is awful in any rain, and the distance they can throw isn’t great compared to halogen. most likely going to switch back to halogen unfortunately as the LED’s just don’t cut it.