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  1. Pothole Damage

    To be clear on claiming on pothole damage.... you CAN claim, but only if there is proof the local council are aware of it already. E.G if it has the spray paint around it etc. If not, report it, get a reference number, give it a couple of days then claim if they haven’t fixed it. Then you have evidence they know about the pothole. Hope that helps, had a wheel go pop on a deep one, £80 claim.
  2. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    This is a photo of Dipped Beams LED at position 2. It’s quite blurry but hopefully you get the gist of the kind of vision you can expect.
  3. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    You can get like a black see through film to put over indicators, that may help? However I believe that’s a declaration on insurance and something police look out for so maybe not.
  4. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    If you’re going to get them, get the main beams and dipped beams as one, save on postage etc. Then if you don’t get on, you can just send them back for a refund. for the eyelids, I do not know. I can’t see why there’d be an issue but not tested so cannot comment.
  5. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    @Loftie12 Ok - I'll put the photos of my AutoBeam LED H11 and H7 below, but regarding legality etc as this was a super hot topic for me when I jumped in and bought them. MOT - I had my MOT this week, left the LED's in, worst comes to the worse I put halogens back in. MOT results = full pass, no advisories, no nothing. People at garage didn't even mention lights. Bear in mind this was at a main dealer garage, not a dodgy one, however all garages are different. Light Output - Immense output close to the vehicle, however I will hold my hand up and say that for long distance lighting, they aren't as good. So if you want to see half a mile down the road with headlights, don't get LED's. Legality - its a grey area, however it does technically sway towards the more illegal side of things. However, I have driven past plenty of police cars, and have never had anything raised about it. I'm of the view that they'll only get looked into if you're doing something else wrong. So many cars nowadays have LED white lights, it's near impossible to tell what cars should and shouldn't have them provided they're lined up etc. Damaging headlights - No damage to mine done at all, they fit in the spacing's without issue. Dazzling - never been flashed, bear in mind I've had them installed for about 5 months now, so I can only assume they do not dazzle. Heat: They don't generate heat like halogens at the bulb, they have a heatsink, which deals with the heat fine. Again, never had an issue and I travel for a multiple hours with lights on. Any other questions please ask. Photo below (I'll try and get some more up later) My camera doesn't do them much justice, so will try and get some better ones later and update.
  6. Fiesta ST 2018

    Debut this weekend - fantastic! 😂
  7. Fiesta ST 2018

    Having seen the revamped Fiesta's, I'm saving the pennies for the proper Fiesta ST, not this ST-Line cosmetic changed stuff. Does anyone know of a 'release' date for this or whether it's just worth swallowing pride and grabbing a Fiesta ST-Line? Personally, I feel if you want an ST, you go all out and get an ST, not one that's just had a few appearance changes, but maybe that's me? I'm looking for the power, looks and fun to drive, not just Recaro seats ;-)
  8. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    Definitely sounds like you got a duff kit. Now I've slated Autobeam in the past due to their price and a couple of other factors, however if you want white crystal light, then they do the job. They may not go as far as Halogens but they look the business and the DRL's do look good. If you want any photos I'm happy to provide.
  9. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    Have you got the LED or Halogen version? LED’s will project shorter distances however it sounds like you may have a bulb issue if the visibility is as poor as you feel it is.
  10. Removing Black Box telematics

    I was with Ingenie if it helps. But thanks, I shall try and find it. Anyone know what they look like?
  11. Hi, Just to clarify, I am no longer with my black box insurer so am not voiding any contract. so, having made it through my first year without crashing, I no longer have a black box insurance policy. The joys of a NCD! However, the black box is still fitted somewhere behind my glove box and I COULD pay my thieving Ex insurance company £100 to come out and remove it however I paid enough for my insurance as it was! does anyone know what wires the black box is usually connected to/runs off of or knows how to remove it as I’d rather not have a tracking device fitted in my car when it’s not needed. thanks.
  12. Windscreen wiper problems

    Challenge accepted ;) What grade of fine wool wire do you recommend, they are graded in 0’s? Most sites recommended 0000.
  13. Windscreen wiper problems

    Having rubbed white vinegar all over the front windshield, cleaned it multiple times, I really dont know what else I can do? Other than get a set of genuine ford wipers (which I dont think will fix the problem for the long term) its getting quite dangerous now its dark and raining, seeing where you're going is kind of important! Somehow, I think Rain-X is still on the windshield as water does ball up and almost float away, I'm at a loss really other than a new windshield!
  14. Windscreen wiper problems

    I thought that might come up. It's exactly the same in rain. At the time, the only place I could pull up was in this car park to show. But it acts like that regardless of whether its wet or dry.
  15. Arm rest MK7 facelift

    Anyone got one that doesn't require bolting/***** the armrest in. Surely there must be a slot in/similar type of one that doesn't require permanent damage at all?