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  1. H15 Bulb won’t come out

    Sorted it. For whatever reason, i needed to push the needles further than the white limiter, a bit of pushing and bending, and it freed it up.
  2. H15 Bulb won’t come out

    Hi, trying to upgrade to AutoBeam LED’s. I have tried to remove the H15 bulb and cannot for the life of me get it to come out once I have twisted it. Is there something I need to do/press to release it? thanks.
  3. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    I'm looking to upgrade my screen also. Where did you buy it from?
  4. 125PS on German Autobahn

    Interesting. Makes me wince seeing the revs being that high though up to 3rd and 4th gear especially, I hate going above 4k rpm, doesn't feel right. Maybe thats just me.
  5. Led headlight bulbs

    Thanks for all your help here. I think when payday comes i’ll Bite the bullet and get 1 set and see how I do. thanks
  6. Led headlight bulbs

    Attached to this post is the photo I received regarding the e Mark from Autobeam. credit where it’s due, their customer service is amazing. I have passed this to someone who works in the police but if anyone with any knowledge could have a look and share their knowledge that would be great. Also, would this be fine for UK use as in the image it mentions Czech Republic. thanks :)
  7. Led headlight bulbs

    I’m in contact with them at the moment as they believe they have some paperwork which prevents the police being able to take action on it. i am going to receive a copy of this and show it to a friend of mine who is a traffic cop and just get a second opinion. I will let you all know what I find out as I’m sure others would find it very interesting. :)
  8. Led headlight bulbs

    Thanks, I posted it as I was concerned, on their website it does state that they are road legal but I will get onto the E Mark etc as I have seen auto beam advertised a lot on this site and worried about the the risk it has.
  9. Led headlight bulbs

    Just to add in on this conversation as I am someone very keen to upgrade their headlights. I got in contact with Autobeam about their LED headlights and have to say I was quite concerned about the response; as I know full well that you do need to notify insurance and fairly sure it is not quite legal. Anyone able to shed some light before I go and make a purchase? Thanks
  10. Help with SYNC Bluetooth issues

    Behind passenger glovebox, look in the manual. its number 24, it’s a 10A fuse on the far right near the repeaters. The manual is your friend here. remove it for like 5 seconds, put it back in, start car up and you’re ready to roll
  11. Boot lighting

    @Jonro2009 You're correct - it's on that plastic strip. I very rarely have large items in the boot, more just odd bits and bobs and i wanted to hide the LED strip but having them along the side would certainly work well I agree. I got a £15 strip on eBay @LocheeBhoy, it came with crimps and everything and even though to me it was a little expensive, i haven't had a single problem with the strip at all making it worth it. Best of luck :)
  12. Boot lighting

    I found installing an LED strip on the lip of the boot, wired in and piggy backing off of the existing boot light has worked a treat for me. Much better than two bulbs IMHO. This is what mine now looks like with 1 LED strip :) As you can see in the top right, the default boot light is nothing compared to the LED's.
  13. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Thank you for that that was extremely interesting. The only thing that confuses me is how so many are on the road if they are not road legal, there aren’t any stories of people getting cars seized etc for LED headlights so it makes me wonder the possibility of it
  14. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Because I find my current headlights are awful and, if legal, i would much prefer stronger lights.
  15. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    So, the real question. if I upgraded to Autobeam LED headlights on a MK7.5 Fiesta (UK), do I need a cleaning device or anything like that?