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  1. Tailgate malfunction

    i had the same problem when not on level ground, dealership could not resolve the problem after many tweeks
  2. Edge bike rack

    i have looked into this problem as im in the same situation , but sorry up to now i can not find a solution without going down the tow bar route.
  3. Auto Mainbeam

    Hi Hamster ...yes a vignale owner, i had just the edge titanium for 8 months , which it spent more time with the dealership than with me, had that many problems with it that the dealer i bought it off exchanged it for the vignale and gave me such a good deal i couldnt turn it down.
  4. Auto Mainbeam

    When i drive my car at night the Auto Main beam seems to stay on for far longer than i would imagine it to do, Have often knocked it off manually only for it to come straight back on, The thing is, i have not been flashed at as you would think if its dazzling anyone, just wondered if this is quite normal ?. My car is a vignale with the adaptive headlights. Have looked in the setting and made sure they are set up for right hand cars.
  5. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    Will a dealer update tsb for free or is it a paid for item ?

    My sat nav lady speaks so fast - think shes on steroids.
  7. Poor cold wether heating

    Got to agree with you on the heated seats side of your story, but i find my edge heats up quite quick and heated screen melted the snow off within a few minutes. Was wondering if your front grill shutters are working ? these shut off untill the engine warms to the right temp then opens, just a thought.
  8. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Tried everything people say in this forum can not get it working
  9. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Put my vin number in and tells me my car but no other details ?
  10. for sale american drls

    They have all the wiring attached, my nephew was going to install mine and stated they would be quite easy enough to do. He was going to splice into the drls on the wiring loom.
  11. New member and soon to be new owner

    Would ask if it got the l.e.d. adaptive headlights, the normal lights are pretty poor, i had a bad experience with my edge but to be fair with Ford and the dealership i have now swapped my edge for a upgraded vingale. Wont list all the faults i had as theres not enough space on the page .lol
  12. for sale american drls

    Bought these drls of e bay for the Ford edge, cut long story short, had that much trouble with my Edge i p/x it and got a vingale which has the l.e.d lighting system. Cost me £130 with import duty so open to offers, they have never been fitted to any vehicle. They replace the surround on the front fog lights.
  13. Rear Camera

    God only knows how its moved, will just add it to the other long list of faults.
  14. Rear Camera

    Has anyone had problem with rear camera ? For some reason mine has moved, once i could see my towbar to hook caravan up, now im getting more of the number plate showing on the sat nav screen.
  15. servicing

    Sound advice, will be looking at another dealer for service in future