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  1. servicing

    Sound advice, will be looking at another dealer for service in future
  2. servicing

    What is the service intervals on the edge? I have just got a letter from my dealer to say car is due a service after 1 year or 10,000 miles. Looked in the service book and that stated every 2 years or 18,000 miles. Phoned dealer and he was sure it is 1 year or 10,000 miles . Any answers out there.
  3. Curtain Airbag recall

    Im Glad there has been some people out there who's curtain air bag recall has gone so well, im getting a phone call every week from Ford customer services but to be frank there a waste of time as they have already stated that the part i require will not be at dealers till back end of september. Suppose they are only doing there jobs, on the subject of courtesy cars, i was offered the new ford mustang from my dealer, had to decline as wife said your not losing your licence, lol.
  4. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Thanks Dave , They are ordering me a new one, can not see them being cheap, i broke one of the cargo net lugs on the left hand side, you can not buy these on there own you need to purchace the whole panel at £175. Rip off or what ?
  5. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    My edge went in for airbag recall and also replace head lining due to water getting in door seal, managed to mess that up, ie dirty marks and lining looking like wrinkle skin, now have to wait till end of september before they can get the parts to replace the parts they f**ked up. Lost my rear parcel shelf in the process,
  6. Airbag change

    My Airbag recall has been a nightmare, now waiting for parts they broke doing the job, forecast 11 september. fingers crossed
  7. LED build change over.

    Have you got any before and after pictures of these bulbs fitted to your car ?
  8. Curtain Airbag recall

    Just had my air bags done and whilst the were removing the head liner they discovered the drivers door seal had not been fitted right letting in water causing the head liner to delaminate, cut a long story short they replaced head liner and made a right balls up of doing the job, now waiting for a new liner to replace the other new liner, also bust cover on the passengers sun visor, replace it ? no!!!!!! stick it on with a piece of tape. Talk about cowboys
  9. Exhaust paint burning

    Hi Laska, Carnt say that i have ever noticed any burning smell coming from the exhaust, wouldnt have thought that if its heat resistant paint it would get that hot to make it burn as the exhaust fumes at the rear box would be quite cool by then. Best option pop into dealership and ask.
  10. Curtain Airbag recall

    Just got back from a 120 mile round trip to york stonacre dealership, they asked to to bring car into them on monday to replace airbags, then phoned saying there was a back order on these airbags and they couldnt be done yet. ***** cowboys.
  11. Auto Relock

    Hi X sorry been away, but it was jennings ford stockton on tees branch that sorted mine out, keep at them its in the handbook and not as a option so should work.
  12. Global closure

    My sister in laws Ford mondeo s roof closed with the global opening and closing. Ford seem to go 1 step forward on certain things the 2 backwards.
  13. Auto Relock

    Hi xn My car has a build date of 03/08/2016, Lets hope they send a engineer to sort yours and yeti,s re-lock problem sorted. On the sync issues, my mate has a 3 year old kuga with sync 3 yet my 2016 only has sync 2 , wouldnt you think ford would have sync 3 on all cars by now.
  14. Auto Relock

    Hi All finally got the Auto-Relock sorted by local garage, Ford engineer had to sort it , but did say that certain new edges would not be able to have the Auto -Relock re programmed all depended on the edge they send from the factory, So yeti and xn would think its worth getting your dealer to request a engineer .
  15. Edge Sport V Vignale

    Funny how Ford works, just spoke to a man who had a 3 year old kuga which had sync 3 installed in it, yet my 6 month old edge only has sync 2. baffles me.