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  1. Hi all, I'm new here and as of yet don't own a Ford car, but am looking to buy one. I am about to buy a ford fusion 2 52 plate, 1.4, which has done a fairly low mileage of 35k, only problem is the owner has informed me of a problem, which is an engine maintenance light on the dash, she says it has been there for 3 years, occurred 4 weeks after she bought it, what does this mean? I have searched on this site on the internet and found a few people with the light problem, but apparently has many different meanings. is this a serious problem? is it worth buying the car? Bearing in mind that the car was last serviced at 26k so is due for a service any time soon, so if I do buy I could be looking at an expensive service bill..... Thanks and look forward to your replies Arun