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  1. Little knock

    Lens ordered- only about 17 pounds. Any body any idea how I get the old lens out and the new one in? Many thanks
  2. Little knock

    He didn’t half get a mouthful- pitch black 60 mph road with no back lights, black clothes- he did have a helmet but his actions nearly got me killed and the guy coming the other way and the guys behind me. Will try searching for the part number.
  3. Little knock

    Had a little knock today due to some idiot on a bike with no lights. Anyway- smacked mirrors with a car coming the other way. Only damage I can see in the dark is the drivers side mirror indictator lens is smashed- indicator still works but will now get wet. Any ideas where to get a replacement from? Thanks
  4. Rear Camera

    You haven’t missed much!
  5. Rear Camera

    Used to work with when he was SEMSCO at Benson.
  6. Rear Camera

    Bet you know Paul Mclean Jim?
  7. Rear Camera

    The zoom button is amazing- I can hook the caravan up myself without the need for my wife’s woeful marshalling!
  8. Heated windscreen

    Thank you. What’s the one above the heated rear screen? Is that just to send air from the vents to the front screen? And the one above that to put everything on maximum? Not the most intuitive design I’ve ever seen!
  9. Heated windscreen

    Sorry ifvakrwady covered-.but which button is the heated front screen?
  10. Tyre life

    Just wondered if anyone has got a decent mileage of their Edge yet, 20k or so- and wondered how the tyres were doing? And whether all 4 were wearing at the same rate? Many thanks
  11. Sync3 and Climate screen

    To be honest The main buttons for the heated seats are much more conviemiemt so are all I ever use.
  12. headlights levelling

    Standard like lights or LEDs?
  13. Sync3 and Climate screen

    I have- that also comes up on the climate screen.
  14. Sync3 and Climate screen

    Yes mate- will do it when u get home tonight.