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  1. Looking to buy a Mk3 1.6 ecoboost

    I have a frozen white focus Zetec s 2012 and it grate, one of the things I would check for is water in the boot, mostly in the spare wheelwell, and a damp smell in the boot area, this mean's there is a leek, and it comes from a very strange place and is a pain to fix, or have a look at my thread I hope that helps.
  2. Other upgrade ( I hope), I hate the look of my fiesta rear diffuser, I just think it looks out of place, so I bought a MK7.5 ST/ZS rear diffuser, it is a bit worse for wear, but going to have it sprayed white and gloss black, I just need to buy a poprivet gun and get the right side fixings, wish me luck.
  3. Fog Light Removal

    I want to paint my fog light surrounds in gloss black, has any one a guide on the best way to remove them safely. Thanks Drew
  4. Hay, I got my self a Fiesta Zetec S, 2011, TDCI. Changed the bulbs and gel white ford overlays.
  5. ST Seat Trim Question

    Hay, I am going to get a set of fiesta ST seats for my MK7 fiesta ZS, but just wanted to know if it was possible to take the "ST" out of the seat and maybe put "ZS" stitching in? without making a mess? Cheers Drew
  6. Dab Question

    Hello I have a 2011 fiesta Zetec S TDCI mk7 and would like to have a dab radio instead of the normal radio I have, is this possible? and if so has any one done this? Cheers Drew
  7. Brake Advice

    Hello I have been think about an upgrade of my callipers, but I think it'll be too much money, so can any one recommend a good set of discs and pads for my 2012 focus zetec s 1.6 ecoboost? Cheers Drew
  8. I am wanting a lip to go on the spoiler but not sure what would look best?
  9. Thanks, I'm in no way a sprayer, but I am very chuffed with the finish, It's just Halfords own spray can's, ended up using quite a lot, but the quote I got from a body shop was £350 and I didn't spend any where near that from Halfords, just made use I primed it well and after spraying, every time I lacquered it I flatted it down, It's not grate but It's good for me, I have been thinking about maybe doing some graphics on it? what do you think? Thanks, It's most brand of car I've ever had, but then had a change to the ford's, This is other Vectra I had before the XP. Untitled by Andrew Picken, on Flickr I think the box in white just sets it of from every other grey box on the road. I know what you mean, I have always got the chrome ones that you can't see, which I thought these where? just not sure about them? I don't want them to look chavish, yes it's a Zetec S 1.6 Ecoboost, one owner before me, I want to change the alloys but not sure what to? any suggestions?
  10. Not been up to much really, just keeping going with the detailing, but did get myself some roof bars and a box which I painted in frozen white, quite chuffed with my self.
  11. Photoshop Request (Please)

    Or if some would mind doing some multi spoke alloys instead please, thank you
  12. Brake Upgrade Advice?

    Are the callipers on the mk3 ST bigger than the Zetas s?
  13. Front Splitter Issue

    The front bumper splitter of my 2012 focus Zetec S, and got badly damaged and is hanging of on one side, what is the best way of removing it?
  14. Hay Please would some one with there Photoshop skills do a shop for me? I would like fifteen52 tarmac wheels in white and the car lowered, I am looking to do this soon and have a picture in my head but just want to make sure, I think it'll look amazing on air. Thank you in advice Drew Untitled by Andrew Picken, on Flickr