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  1. My St24 has a bit of a problem! When changing gear the revs slowly drop and hold at around 2000rpm then after a few more seconds drops again. It idles fine and only does it when driving, it does not do it when stationary and revved. Just wanted to check before starting to replace things!
  2. Remote Locking problem

    HI Colin, The remote just doesnt operate the doors at all. Central locking works, remote works, system says that it is programmed correctly but when you press the buttons on the remote......nothing!! Yeah, I had all the doors closed too......hmm bugging me a little! if the cars sensor wasn't working it wouldn't program in the first place so I wouldn't get the flashing lights to say all ok! I'll keep messing I think............or just stick with the key in the door for eternity lol
  3. Hi all, I wonder if you can help. I have just bought a 1998 Mondeo ST24 Estate. The central locking and alarm works via the door and key but not by the remote. I have replaced the batteries, completed the recode successfully and tested the remote is operating correctly but the remote will still not operate the alarm!! Any ideas greatfully received!