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  1. C max extras

    Hi all I have just bought a 2012 C max titanium. The sales guy says it doesn't have the active park assist, but on the dash it has 2 buttons that seem to say to me that it does. Can anyone confirm if the car has these 2 buttons will it have the active park assist? one is a button saying Auto P and the other has a P with a symbol similar to a wifi symbol. I have bought it on the understanding it doesn't have them but it would be a nice bonus if it did :) Also could anyone confirm if this model has the auto opening tailgate as standard? and the ketless entry doors? (It has the power start button that is keyless) Or an optional extra? I didn't want to do too much digging as they aren't deal breakers if they didn't have them, but the price was very good and I didn't want to give the sales guy any reasons to try and knock up the price as I had already got him down £500 and knowing it had extras that weren't advertised may have changed his mind! Many thanks Danny
  2. Newbie

    Hi all Just bought my first Ford (A 2012 C max) previously had an Audi A3 work car which I hated so been out and bought this today as it seemed a lot more family friendly and fit our baby seat in the back whilst still allowing an adult to sit in the front passenger seat :) I have done some research and was between this and a C4 picasso. The C max seems to have a bit more about it in looks and gadgets :) I am still not sure what extras the model I bought has and the salesman wasn't that sure either haha, but from a quick look around it looks like it has the active park assist which should be interesting. Thanks Danny