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  1. Focus mk1

    I have the same issue - did you manage to sort it
  2. Horn not working - MK1 Focus

    Thanks - I'll do that at the weekend
  3. Hi My horn isn't working, when I press the steering wheel to activate it, I get a clicking noise near the glovebox, but no horn sound Is it easy to replace the horn, as I assume it's broken Thanks
  4. 2005 focus 6000CD faulty buttons

    I know this is an old post (above) but I now have exactly the same problem So far I have taken the radio out pressed the on / off button lots of times, to hopefully discharge any static etc. Put back in - nothing has changed Any help please Thanks
  5. Focus MK1 Rear wiper upgrade - MK2 ??

    Finally got round to do this - looks great
  6. My Focus IS ACE  :yahoo:

  7. MOT Tomorrow - Focus MK1.5

    OMG Passed with no advisories 1st time ever i've owned a car that's passed 1st time YAAAAY
  8. Well that time has come around again I've prepped the Focus, tested all the lights etc, had to replace the brake lights though Also topped up all the fluids, and gave her a good wash and wax Fingers crossed
  9. Focus MK1 1.6 - Stuttering

    Turned out to be the most common problem with MK1's The coil pack Thanks everyone
  10. My modifications so far..

    Looking good
  11. My Focus MK1 1.6 Petrol has a problem, only started today It is very low on power and stutters like mad I've checked and cleaned the spark plugs and leads made sure the air filter etc was ok Any ideas please, as I need it for work tonight Thanks
  12. I kept my original bottom piece of the airbox, and the filter sits in this
  13. Red or yellow calipers

    Yep Yellow mate
  14. Painting calipers. Is it difficult?

    Too right that's what I've always used Last for years and cheaper Piece of ***** to do
  15. Hello from Telford, Shropshire

    Hi Welcome to the forum