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  1. Hi, just put a new (well second hand) rear bumper on my fiesta, all bolted correctly, all clicked in, but it seems to be like a tiny bit out of line? and rear light on left i've noticed (which was changed) sticks out tiny bit also? Would i need new bumper brackets? i'll try upload some pics
  2. Ford Fiesta Mk7.5 Rear Diffuser Upgrade (ST)

    i don't seem to have the 2x 6mm bolts for the ST diffuser tabs to do up, where can i get them?
  3. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    copper one's i've seen people say
  4. just curious, how comes had focus washer jets on it? and the RS exhaust mounts fitted? is this required for the ST backbox?
  5. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    got mine on warranty ; ) but yea i've read about the switch being an issue, the metal prongs? need squeeze them abit?
  6. Detangoing front orange indicate lens

    did mine, was just a bulb. looks much better
  7. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    Ford replaced the whole unit for me
  8. Wish the images all worked for this post : (
  9. Hi all, wondering if the ST 180 / Zetec s rear bumper fits straight onto facelift rear ? Straight swap?
  10. Rear Sensors - Painting?

    Yea didn't think of that. well i mean, they've got to come out the diffuser on the vehicle anyway for me to drill into my plastic bumper. but just really want to get them same exact colour yer know.
  11. Rear Sensors - Painting?

    Hi, wondering if i could get some advice. I'm changing the rear end of my ecoboost to the ST valance / Diffuser, but i have rear parking sensors all around. I need to drill the 2x middle one's above the ST valance when on into the bumper. Issue i've only noticed is, the 2 in the middle are the plastic grey / colour but my 2 on the corners are colour coded in the panther black. I'm not sure how to go about getting them the same colour, as i didn't know if i just sprayed them up, would it put a coat across the sensor triggering it to keep bleeping?
  12. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    I agree them ramps are quality. I've just purchased ST diffuser, spats which should come today. Gonna be taking it all to get sprayed up weekend, you say was a nightmare to fit? is that just because of the exhaust issue? and do you need any other bolts etc? issue i got is, i have 2x sensors in my original diffuser so i need to drill in my current bumper to fit the 2 in the middle - but been told it's not a hard job
  13. 1.0 Ecoboost Rear Disc Upgrade

    Hi, sorry i know it was awhile ago, but wondering if you ended up doing it? i really want to do this on mine, i hate the look of brake drum's, so i know to some it would be silly and waste of money just for the image, but i'd be happier myself with it. Not something i can do myself at all, so wondering who i could find to do it
  14. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    I want just the whole fog to light up as a DRL, not just the ring. that possible?