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  1. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    I want just the whole fog to light up as a DRL, not just the ring. that possible?
  2. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    Well changed and put original bulb in and doing same thing ???? Really bugging me now
  3. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    to be fair, if i could find someone that would do it all for me properly, wiring etc i'd be a very happy man, but i post & don't seem be anyone. But i would of thought it would work right even if im doing the switch. i mean the switch did fall out, so wondering if i clicked it across inside when putting it back on. might have another look tomorrow.
  4. Hi all, so tonight i've changed all my interior bulbs, but i've come across an issue, or am i going mad? my interior rear light (dome?) well it does not come on auto like when open door etc, when i click it to the 1 it dont work, when i click it just in the middle, it stays on constant, dont go off at all, even with the car locked. and when i click it to the o it just does the same and stays off constantly, now i swear it's meant to come on auto when doors opening/closing?
  5. sorry, a year pretty much later, i really want to have this in mine. Would anyone know anyone able to do it all for me? i'm not too good with this stuff.
  6. Air Vent Surround

    Just picked up a pair, so will get them sprayed the black like the stereo surround. : )
  7. Auto's - Can engine's be tuned?

    cheers all, well i think i'll poss wait until warranty runs out in feb for anything engine modified. But induction kit really is main thing i would do. focus more on interior/outside first to get to the standard i want it at
  8. Air Vent Surround

    See i wanna change mine to the gloss/matt black like the surrounded on radio, but don't want gel things, just actual new plastic vents
  9. my mk7.5 build thread

    Hi, what reverse bulbs are they?
  10. Which H7 bulbs

    I just got my chrome indicator bulbs today from autobeam, but want to get all the rest change, like headlights as well, etc. but not sure what is the best? led, halogen etc. not sure best?

    Would love to do it, but think i'll still be shattered from my holland trip (2 trucks shows and few days in amsterdam). If i'm feeling good i'll pop up on the sunday to ave alook around, never been one. Something i would like to start showing my car at when it's up to the standard i want it.
  12. Best snow foam lance /KarcherK2

    Hi, i have a nilfisk pressure washer, but for either one, alot of people recommend the Autobrite lance. I have it, i think it's pretty decent http://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/index.php/exterior-cleaning/autobrite-direct-snow-foam-lance/autobrite-heavy-duty-foam-snow-foam-lance-magifoam-500ml.html
  13. What's your EcoBoost fuel of choice?

    Being a new driver, i did ask a friend about this the other week. he said for my motor (ecoboost 1.0) just use standard fuel, none of the premium as thats mainly based for more powerful vehicle's, you won't see any difference & be wasting your money. I tend to use Shell as fuel pumps seem to be easier/lower to use for myself
  14. Hi, sorry if a silly question, but i have an auto & wondering, can i do thing's like having k&n induction kit on it? I spoke to someone from revo today & i'm going to be popping in soon so we can discuss further about ways to do a stage1 remap on it. : ) It's 1.0 ecoboost
  15. Painting brake calipers

    Thanks, yea stands out. wish i had proper brembo brakes on it though, and on rear...........maybe later down the line lol