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  1. Thanks a lot mate for your help
  2. Hi there and thanks alot for your time .I need some advice please on how much should i pay for my ford focus 1.6 zetec for full service front discs and pads change and change campelt .The car has 73000 miles on it and i was quoted different prices from £320 to £680 from several mechanics for the exact same work .So i find it difficult to choose cause £320 might be low price and not sure if the work will be done with care and attention . Thanks in advance if anyone knows a good mechanic in east london romford area please let me know
  3. Hi there thanks a lot for your time . Hello guys My name is John and I just bought a 02 Focus 1.6 with 73K miles. As such I have a couple of queries. The car hasnt had a cambelt change, so I was thinking of taking it to a specialist for a major service. Do you recommend any specialist in or near Romford Essex? Is there anything else that needs to be changed at a major service? A friend of mine that is very knowledgable with cars, and helped me buy it, has told me that the discs/pads are running low. I found the following on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-1-6-BRAKE...id=p3286.c0.m14 Are these the correct ones? I know mintex is a good make but need to confirm that my car has the same as the above. Also he says that the dampers are very tired (car leans too much and you can tell they dont control the car 100%). Again do you have any recomendations for them? I am working on a budget so looking for good value items, and not anything special/expensive. For Full service ,front discs and pads and changing the cambelt kit with labour as well i was given 4 different prices so far for the exact same work which makes it harder for me to decide who to trust and give the work to : £320.00 / £500.00 / £625.00 / and £676.00 Please if anyone knows a decent mechanics in romford area or nearby please let me know Thanks in advance for your help John