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  1. Ford Focus MK3-3.5 auto headlights.pdf I have included most things I can remember when installing my sensor, however I have not include how I activated using forscan as if I say something wrong I could mess up your car. There are many people that will help with this as as far as I remember i just download Forscan, registered to forum for a license then downloaded a folder of files that need to go in the Forscan directory, they are like computer drivers which consist of all options for car, i.e auto lights/rain sensing wipers heated seats etc.. And I would like to give a huge THANKS TO Iantt and JW1982 for all there help when I was installing this feature
  2. just an update haven't had much time to compile the guide yet. but will be still doing it.
  3. Thanks still no luck finding after checking websites
  4. Thanks but I'm after the genuine ford alloys that I pictured. Thanks for reply however
  5. Hi everyone, can anyone help me find these 18" Rock Metallic alloys for Ford Focus st-line. I believe they come on the latest st-lone Focus as an optional extra. Seen 2 cars on autotrader with them 66 and 17. I think the only place at the moment is Ford so has anyone ever bought alloys direct from Ford? How much we talking 🙈 Thanks everyone
  6. correct is central locking/keyless entry thank you and wilko who told me a few mins ago cheers
  7. Hmm! Just found out that these 2 wires where connected to this! Module? Attached to roof lining with the he same type of connector as rain sensor! Ffs
  8. Hmm! My harness already has the wires? Pin 2 and 3 does this mean m harness already has the sneaker connector somewhere in car?
  9. I will be making a tutorial on how to do this is if everything goes successful! And the 2 users who have helped me so far will be given credit for all there help! I am currently using this thread to upload images whilst on the way to completing the mod.
  10. And do I need to cut the excess black/white wir s of that lead to other components so it's just the one for ground?