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  1. Roof Rack Help!

    I'm selling a thule if your still looking
  2. The idiot that did this

    I think the bumpers been pushed forward
  3. mot fail dust covers repair kits legal

    I thought that too
  4. I know this has been covered before but has anyone reciently bought some reasonably priced aftermarket ones that actually worked well im in 2 minds wether to drill them or buy a secondhand rear bumper with stock holes already drilled(I've seen a good condition one but it's not local) my bumper has some minor damage thanks
  5. Roof Rack Help!

    I got the Exodus C503 foot pack (Halfords own) identical to the Thule - £15 inc on ebay
  6. Roof Rack Help!

    You need to buy shroodly- you'll need the short bars, some 750 or 754 feet the bars (120cm I think) and the foot pack i picked up a set of Nissan juke bars for £20 - there yielded the correct bars and feet, I already had the short bars from my Ka and I won a for pack for £15 look and buying the 'wrong' bars to get the right bars- if that makes sense- you can then sell on the parts you don't want im pretty sure auction 272623761587 will give you everything you need except the correct foot pack Comparison of the 2 lots of components can be found here http://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/roofbars/thule_rapid_system_gutterless_feet_4_no_754_/Qx%40w%2C6M4gNax5vN1Yv0vegd3uH%40xKD`I~BjZ5itJTE5%40G%2CqCbl%40ehqNofUEziA6} just ask the seller if you can arrange a courier (£10) there are plenty of the short roof packs on eBay from £15
  7. Roof Rack Help!

    The ford set do look 'cleaner' but I'd not want a puddle in the boot
  8. Roof Rack Help!

    I can't help with the questions you asked but have you done any research? When I was looking for a roof rack solution for my 09 fiesta I read some horror stories about leaking roofs following the figment of the ford roof rack- I bought the Thule one in the end
  9. Can the front door latches/ handles be removed without taking the door cards out I'd like to replace my black ones with some silver thanks
  10. Detailing question

    Well I sold the Karcher and kept the nilfisk and I'll look for a snow foam as you've suggested
  11. Detailing question

    I've got a karcher k2.36 and a nilfisk C110- 3 not sure which one to keep the nilfisk has a patio brush and the karcher has one of their own snow foam bottles- I'd like to try snow foam - both are in top condition
  12. Mk7 and Mk7.5 steering wheel interchangable?

    Yeh - it seems it's the cruise that adds the £££ i just lost one for £1.20 + postage - that'll teach me to mow the lawn Is it blue??? http://
  13. Mk7 and Mk7.5 steering wheel interchangable?

    Thanks for the rep,y Mine is a black 'style' thanks for the pointers - I'll check my steering wheel colour- I really fancied the full leather any they can be had for sub £25
  14. Im looking at fitting a leather stering wheel to my style- are the 7 and 7.5 compatible? If so can I remove my radio buttons and insert them in the new steering wheel Ta
  15. Ford Fiesta Black Edition

    Thanks - I might order a set of these myself -