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  1. Cruise control install

    Well I've tried twice to release airbag and no luck , not sure if i came close to it lastnight, but gave up as i thought something was gonna break , called ford and they will change wheel for 100 so may take it there
  2. Cruise control install

    Just one more question lol , in the guide he tells you to turn the wheel to get to some other screws , but just wondering if he's doing that with the battery still connected for the power steering , or turning wheel with no power steering ?
  3. Cruise control install

    Does the foccuss software let you do a back up ? I've noever used it before.
  4. Cruise control install

    So i have managed to pick this up for 40 quid off breaker yard , do i need anything else or is it just straight swap cheers
  5. Cruise control install

    Ian i will give you 200 for your spare wheel and switches and u change wheel and do software 😁
  6. Cruise control install

    so ive been on breakers yard , and had a couple of quotes from 30 to 100 , so I think I will get a 2nd hand one , I believe I need a connector to plug my car in to the laptop with and that it may need to be modified ,is there one that anybody recommends or if I can get one that has been modified .
  7. Cruise control install

    Yeah thanks been looking at it all ready for past couple of weeks lol , i noticed someone else needed another wire when they bought a wheel with switch , are you sure i won't need another wire as mine is a 2011
  8. Cruise control install

    I really miss my cruise control , i sometimes do 1000 miles a week for work and found it a god send , I'm just a bit scared doing it myself and mucking it up somehow . Have you added cruise control tour self ?
  9. Cruise control install

    Ian Do you think this would work , i have seen a new steering wheel on ebay with both switches either side for 300 , would it just be as simple as changing the wheels over and activating in software cheers
  10. Cruise control install

    Hi , i have been looking at guides on this forum on how to add cruise control to car , i have a 2011 mk3 focus . There is a detailed guide on how to do it but i was wondering if i could do it differently as such My car already has voice activated phone switches on the right of the steeering wheel , and i was wondering if i could use this switch in its same place for cruise control and activate in the software , i know the pictures on the buttons won't match the function but the look similar to the cruise control switch . Any help would be appreciated, i drive a lot for work and miss my cruise control and don't want to add another stalk on to do it