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  1. HEGO Sensor??

    Thats great thank you - its a ford dealer that quoted me that price. Is it easy to fit? I wont be doing it, i'll give that job to my other half :o)
  2. HEGO Sensor??

    I'm probably being really blonde - but any info would be much appreciated!!
  3. Help Required

    i think i read somewhere that it cuts out because of the HEGO sensor not working..........i've been told i need mine replacing but dont really know what it is or how it works, how important it is etc! I've opened another post with this question in. I drive an 03 street ka - but not had any cutting out on it YET!
  4. HEGO Sensor??

    Hi guys! I've got an 03 street ka and its just been in the garage and i've forked out £850 for a new computer - which i needed because i was getting various warning lights showing unnecessarily on the dash (ABS & Battery warning lights) my speedo wasnt working either..........BUT i've now been told since the computer has been replaced that i need to spend another £200 on a HEGO sensor.............is this important? how long can i go without it not working?? I have an engine warning on the dash now!! HELP!!