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  1. Thats great thank you - its a ford dealer that quoted me that price. Is it easy to fit? I wont be doing it, i'll give that job to my other half :o)
  2. I'm probably being really blonde - but any info would be much appreciated!!
  3. i think i read somewhere that it cuts out because of the HEGO sensor not working..........i've been told i need mine replacing but dont really know what it is or how it works, how important it is etc! I've opened another post with this question in. I drive an 03 street ka - but not had any cutting out on it YET!
  4. Hi guys! I've got an 03 street ka and its just been in the garage and i've forked out £850 for a new computer - which i needed because i was getting various warning lights showing unnecessarily on the dash (ABS & Battery warning lights) my speedo wasnt working either..........BUT i've now been told since the computer has been replaced that i need to spend another £200 on a HEGO sensor.............is this important? how long can i go without it not working?? I have an engine warning on the dash now!! HELP!!