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  1. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    TBH I'd given up trying to get mine fixed as like you the car had been back to the dealership on several occasions for them to attempt to rectify the non-functioning auto-relock. How did they eventually discover it was a BCMI misconfiguration & did the dealership rectify it in house?I could just do with knowing what I now need to say to my dealer so it would help if the problem resolution was somehow recorded by Ford Technical otherwise I'll just get fobbed off again. Cheers

    These are now fitted on my Edge & are very good plus easy to fit, got them on eBay after a recommendation on here so worth a look on eBay. There is a thread from a few months ago about LED puddle lights if you have a look back through the Edge forum posts
  3. MPG

    Current mileage 7700, mainly urban/rural roads so not many long motorway journeys, averaging 32.3mpg so a bit disappointed so far (Edge Sport 210 with 20" wheels)
  4. Tyre life

    Yep never checked them & too much reliance on the automatic tyre pressure system so lesson learnt - I'll have to pop to Halfords for a tyre pressure gauge ;-)Oh the tyre couldn't be fixed, screw was too near the side wall so new tyre required much to my bemusement. Make , size & type of tyre are apparently as common as rocking horse sh*t so I ended up back at Ford after 2 high street tyre places couldn't locate the tyre on their stock system. Oponeo don't stock either. So £270! Only bit of good luck is I purchased the tyre & wheel insurance when I bought the car at Ford so I can claim £200 back.
  5. Tyre life

    6500 miles so far & no problem. However, when I started out this morning the automatic tyre low pressure warning system sprang to life. I had 24psi in my front right tyre which after visiting the garage to pump up I found out there was a screw embedded in the tyre so I'm off to get it repaired at lunchtime. The system also showed 30psi in all the other tyres which upon checking with the manual/panel inside the front drivers door they were all 5psi too low (35psi recommended) & obviously have been from new - the warning system was set at 30psi! All now pumped up & the system reset to 35. So the moral of the story is to check your tyre pressures - I'm hoping the additional 5psi in each tyre may now improve my mpg from around 32 average.
  6. Auto Relock

    I've given up trying to get the auto relock sorted on mine, it's been into Evans Halshaw 4 times to get fixed. I'm now told Ford Technical have confirmed it's not available on my "early build" Edge & that's that. They couldn't sort out the driver's door wind noise either so I just have to play the music louder when travelling at over 40mph!
  7. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    All replaced without incident on mine at EH several weeks ago, just wish they could similarly sort out the driver's window/door wind noise & "auto-relock"
  8. I lent on my keys and this happened...

    Exactly, problem is my Edge doesn't have "auto relock" & Ford don't seem to give a toss as apparently it wasn't fitted/enabled on "early" Edge models FFS it's the best part of a £40k car 😡
  9. Hello - Again

    I doubt it, mine doesn't even auto-relock!
  10. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Really? I must have missed that bit in the manual, probably doesn't work on mine like auto relock.........
  11. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Yep they look different to me 🤓 Plus no digital speed display option on Sync 2
  12. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Mine was advertised as Sync 3, when it was delivered to the dealership it was found to be Sync 2, I then discovered Etis which states Sync II for my car & not Sync III. The Evans Halshaw website has numerous examples of second hand Edges described as Sync 3 but the internal photos even show Sync 2, as the Regs are also shown a quick look on Etis reveals that they are Sync II. TBH Sync 2 is fine for me, as I've said before on here I'll just get Sync 4 when I change my car in a couple of years 😉
  13. Curtain Airbag recall

    That doesn't surprise me despite what I was told. Ford service departments make it up as they plod along.......
  14. Curtain Airbag recall

    They are totally inconsistent between dealerships but generally poor from my experiences to date. When mine went in they told me it was needed for 2 days as on day 1 they would strip the liner to expose the air bags, then confirm with Ford if the airbags actually then needed replacing. I assumed there must be some serial number on the actual airbag itself which needed checking. If the air bags then needed to be replaced they were on next day express delivery hmmmmmm