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  1. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Hmm. Bought a Fiesta for my wife 2 years ago and the salesman actually talked us out of buying an ecoboost car stating "reliability issues".
  2. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    Maybe it dislikes you and intends to make a dash for freedom? I struggle with this on my wife's Mini, which has a conventional handbrake so doesn't work the same way as the Edge.
  3. Puddle and edge light

    Logical, if you think about it.
  4. Sync 3 CarPlay has died

    Just a thought, had there been an IOS update on your phone around the same time?
  5. Remote car keys

    My fob works at quite a long range. Handy for locating the car in a car park.
  6. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Naively, I expect quickest or fastest route to take me on A roads or motorways rather than the roads it seems to choose. In Wales that included a road where my wife had to get out and open a gate and one where she had to shoo sheep out of our way! If I selected shortest route I wouldn't have been so surprised. I too have acquired a rattle from the rear, seems to be the tailgate but I suppose it could be a rear door.
  7. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Does your sat nav have the hidden setting "Narrowest Route"? I've been down some interesting roads in Wales & the West Country.
  8. Daytime running lamps

    Nor did I.
  9. Favour needed

    Yes, I see what you mean now.
  10. Favour needed

    Mine look about the same as yours. Maybe a bit neater.
  11. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Glad I have Sync2 then! Whilst it requires initial setup and changes to be carried out from the phone, it works very well afterwards. Sync2 is obviously the way to go.
  12. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Sync2 on mine, what really annoys me is not that I don't have Sync3 but that we had a 65 plate Fiesta with Sync??? on it before and everything was so much better than my edge, like being able to change Spotify playlists from the car display. That's the rub, 2.5 times the price and the technology is worse!
  13. Curtain Airbag recall

    Yup. I had mine done last week. It's a 3.3 hour job apparently. I also gave them a list of minor niggles to fix. I assume they did the airbags, they did nothing else and had the car for two days. Apparently the service manager was going to ring me today..........hang on, today's almost over! Car was clean but I'm no more impressed than you.
  14. Traffic sign recognition

    Perhaps the biggest problem is that the handbook doesn't make a lot of sense: The system detects recognizable traffic signs, for example: Speed limit signs. No overtaking signs. Speed limit cancellation signs. No overtaking cancellation signs. Using Traffic Sign Recognition Setting the System Speed Warning The system has a number of speed warning levels that you can set using the information display. See General Information. System Display The system can display two traffic signs in parallel. You can view the status at any time using the information display. The system displays recognizable traffic signs in four stages as follows: All new traffic signs appear brighter than the others in the display. After a predetermined time they display normally. After a predetermined distance they are greyed out. After another predetermined distance they are deleted. If the system detects a supplementary traffic sign, it displays below the respective traffic sign. For example, when passing a reduced speed limit in wet road conditions sign. If your vehicle has a navigation system, stored traffic sign data may influence the indicated speed limit value.
  15. Traffic sign recognition

    Excellent, that's what I wanted to hear. The arrogant, patronising mechanic at the dealers told me that the top one was only there for show. He bases this on the fact that their demonstrator shows nothing in that window. Shortly I may tell them that I've worked in the motor trade but I'm having too much fun at the moment!