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  1. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Aside from a couple of grubby finger marks on the headlining, mine fitted without problem.
  2. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    I had a rattle from the tail gate which I traced to the plastic trim the number plate fixes to. Two blobs of blutac and no more rattle...
  3. Curtain Airbag recall

    Had mine done last week at EH Blackpool. Got the car back same day and, apart from a couple of grubby finger marks, everything seems ok (so far).
  4. Auto Relock

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. To my simplistic mind, auto relock is a software-controlled feature of the remote central locking system. The software is stored in a module somewhere on the car... I would assume that modules are pretty standard across a range of cars, with specific features enabled according to the specific model and trim level - pretty much like Windows on a PC. It would appear that auto relock is only available on cars built after late August 2016 (Sync3), though other people have posted about having it enabled by having extra lines of code programed into the Body Control Module, or the BCM itself replaced. On my previous car (Kuga) the Body Control Module failed, affecting the central locking, instrument warning lights, electronic speedo, etc (luckily the electronic boot opening worked so that I could get the dogs out, but having the speedo register 140mph @ 1000rpm WAS cool!). As mine was a 2014 model (140bhp) and the Kuga had received a couple of model-year upgrades (150bhp engine, new dashboard and stereo) the BCM required was no longer available. Instead Ford fitted the latest part, which worked perfectly. Surely Ford would not completely redesign the BCM for a mid-year minor update of the Edge (Sync3)? Therefore, even if the BCM fitted to my car did not have auto relock available, surely it could be replaced with the post-August 2016 part? When speaking to Ford CRC, they told me that auto relock was not available to early builds of the Edge. I informed them that the owner’s handbook (November 2015) stated how to use auto relock and was told that the handbook states ‘correct at time of publication’. I then pointed out that the October 2016 publication repeats this. Their response was that the manual covers all models of Edge and that specifications vary. My response to this was that the 210bhp Sport was the (then) Edge flagship so should have higher specification than other models in the range. Does anybody with detailed knowledge of the BCM know whether the part number changed during 2016? I am currently tempted to pay to have the BCM replaced if it would guarantee that my car is secure!
  5. Auto Relock

    Well... Just got off the phone to Ford Customer Service... They have reiterated what the dealer has already told me - No, your car does not have auto relock. No, it cannot be retro fitted. No, if your car gets stolen as a consequence of the ultra sensitive key and ridiculous range of the remote, combined with it then remaining unlocked, that's not our problem as your car is working as designed! I wonder whether the insurance would pay out if my car was stolen whilst unlocked... Livid is not the word! My wife's new Ecosport Titanium S which was ordered for delivery on 1st September is now delayed by over a month, but the dealer didn't tell us until we asked when we need to sign paperwork. Is it really any wonder why there are so many Kia and Hyundai models on the road?
  6. ST-LINE

    I think the only difference is the upgraded fabric from the LUX pack, and the deletion of adaptive steering. Oh, and a price increase...
  7. Auto Relock

    I have taken this up with Ford head office (it's amazing the difference in attitude from Ford CRC following me copying in the CEO to my email...). I have been told that auto relock is not fitted but I am waiting for a call (tomorrow) to say how they plan to address this. combined with an ultra sensitive key which has 100m range and I am frequently finding my car unlocked. I cannot carry the key in my pocket for fear of unlocking the car inadvertently. I suspected that the BCM might be the cause. I had this replaced on my Kuga and think it was plug and go...
  8. Bonnet guard

    I think the Climair ones are what Ford dealers supply. Having had a Mondeo estate, and two Labradors, I got sick of it raining in when I opened the windows to prevent steaming up. Got a set for my Kuga (still have them in my garage) though found they suffered a lot of wind noise.
  9. Airbag change

    My car is booked for late August. It'll be only the second Edge they'll have done. So glad mine isn't the first!
  10. Bonnet guard

    Well spotted. I've always used the Climair wind deflectors which fit inside the window, but found them noisy on the Kuga
  11. Bonnet guard

    Daven2505, What do you think of the wind deflectors? I had them on my old Kuga (Escape) and found them quite noisy... What are they like on the Edge?
  12. Edge sill light

    I think perhaps the dealer responses can be based upon whatever will get the customer out of the showroom quickest! That is certainly the impression that I'm getting with regard to auto relock! Ford technical have said that it cannot be fitted to early Edges, though later ones have it. Surely if it cannot be programmed, a module can be replaced?
  13. Hello - Again

    Me too...
  14. Curtain Airbag recall

    I'm not pushing the airbags too much at the minute as I'm waiting for a proper response from Ford Customer Service about auto relock...
  15. Curtain Airbag recall

    I went into my local dealer to arrange for the curtain airbags to be fitted. I was told the parts would have to be ordered and they'd call when the parts arrived. Two weeks later and I'm still waiting... For me, the Edge is a fabulous car, spoilt by apathetic dealers...