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  1. Puddle and edge light

    Yes mine is a manual ....does anyone else have a manual with the same lights as me ?
  2. Puddle and edge light

    Thanks. My e-handbreak has to on for them to work....very strange indeed..
  3. Puddle and edge light

    Gents can someone please confirm that the electric handbreak has to be on for the edge light on the door sill and the puddle light to come on. I am sure before they did the curtain recall I didn't have to ensure the handbreak was on for them to work . thanks Joe
  4. LED build change over.

    So guys in layman terms is my edge going to burn lol
  5. LED build change over.

    Hi I have replaced the DRL lights and they work fine.....I wish I could find a bulb to replace the outside lights...any ideas ?
  6. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    I had mine done last month and it went very well. However the sill light saying edge only now lights up when the hand brake is on, I don't remember it doing that before ....
  7. LED build change over.

    Thank you very much
  8. LED build change over.

    Ok so the day time running lights go to the dipped beam light and the one I am showing is the full beam .....is that correct ?
  9. LED build change over.

    I can see from the previous posts that the side light look a similar connection but my main beam light has a connection like shown below so the previous links are different .. can someone explain please thanks
  10. LED build change over.

    Oh I see you use the same type of bulb for both main and daytime light
  11. LED build change over.

    So you used the puddle light bulb for the main beam ? .
  12. LED build change over.

    Can you please tell me what bulb you used for the main beam thanks
  13. LED build change over.

    Did you use the same bulbs for the daytime lights and the main beam lights ?
  14. Edge sill light

    The dealer ask ford head office and they siad they way it works on my car is correct , I am like you I am sure it worked without the handbreak on before , I have only noticed this since the airbag curtain change was done
  15. Edge sill light

    Hello folks I have a question for someone. I have the titanium edge and noticed the the word edge which lights up on the door sill only luminates when the handbreak is on....is this correct ? If I don't put the handbreak on and open either front door the word edge doesn't light up is this how it should be thanks