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  1. Rear door alignment

    Hi I've had my Edge for a couple of months now and have only recently noticed that the rear passenger door does not seem to be aligned as perfectly as the driver's side. The door closes fine but it definitely doesn't look as closed as the other side. Could this have recently happened or should I have noticed it sooner? It doesn't seem to be causing any problems and hasnt leaked when I've cleaned it. Should I get it looked at under the warranty or is there some simple adjustment needed? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Paul
  2. Heated front screen button

    Thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense having re-read manual. My instruction manual doesn't show the same button that i have under the a/c button.
  3. Heated front screen button

    Thanks What's the other one do then??
  4. Heated front screen button

    Hi. New to forum so hope I'm not starting with a silly question. Can anyone confirm which is the front heated screen button as u have two that look very similar. Is it the one on the left above the rear heated screen button or the one on the right under the a/c button? Thanks