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  1. Dashboard cluster removal

    I since looked at one on eBay and realised it's only two small pieces of plastic. I actually was right in my positioning it was just the leverage and pulling which snapped the clear plastic.
  2. Dashboard cluster removal

    It was actually in very good condition, I believe I placed the knife at too much of a angel. Entirely my fault, I only was removing it to clear the lense of the horrid blue and look at the lights. I will try my local breakers for a broken Speedo and see if the plastic is in tact, maybe cheaper than buying a fully working one lol Still will have to remove it which will be a bugger I bet with the crack :-( Thanks for your insight and time it's much appreciated.
  3. Dashboard cluster removal

    Yeah I found one for 26 quid, best option is to just use the plastic over replacing the full cluster?
  4. Dashboard cluster removal

    I used a flat knife in the top and broke a piece of the plastic (clear front), any chance I can pick on of these up extremely cheap or am I looking at a new Speedo cluster? It still works I just don't like the cracked plastic look. Dunno how I cracked it but that is my luck lol
  5. Dashboard cluster removal

    Old credit card it is, thanks I'll keep this post updated with progress.
  6. Spark plugs

    I used a 16mm deep spark plug socket, found one on eBay for £2.99. had to use a wrench on the t handle to give it more leverage when removing them. I although did snap one but it eventually came out. Mine is a 1.25 style (56 reg)
  7. Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.
  8. Boot lighting

    I seldom have anyone in the back (3 door) so I may skip the rear footwell but it wouldn't be too hard to wire them in at a later date. The hard case LEDs will take forever from Hong Kong so I'm just going to buy waterproof strip (5m) and put them in a location unlikely to be hit.
  9. Boot lighting

    I am actually going to attempt this with some led strips (hard case) and probably the footwell too :-)
  10. Removing Fiesta Mk6 Boot Handle?

    Just thought I'd answer this since I couldn't find a guide when I searched. I have a mk6.5 and it's pretty simple. Open you boot Remove the negative connector on the battery Remove the three phillips screws on to boot trim (inside) Pull the trim from a corner and work your way around to remove the clips Remove the trim Remove the three (10mm) nuts, one is in the middle and hidden slightly. Close the boot down halfway Remove the torx screw holding in the license plate lights Remove the positive and negative crimps on the inside of the lights It should come off with a slight pull Hope this helps, any questions just ask.
  11. Boot lighting

    Lol I wanted it to look original but led strips are a good idea.
  12. Boot lighting

    I am considering putting another light (similar location on the left side of my boot (inside) and was just wondering if anyone else has done this. My plan is to remove the left piece of trim which holds the parcel shelf up and make a hole at the exact same position as on the right trim. I think maybe run a splice into the earth and power of the right light to supply what's needed for the left light. Basically wondering since I switched the bulb to led (lower power) will I need to upgrade the fuse or add a relay? If anyone does have a better method please post below, I'm bored and just need things to do :-) My car is a mk6.5 (56 reg) 1.25 petrol fiesta STyle.
  13. De-tangoing

    I have a mk6.5 style so the wires for the fog lamps were included behind the trims. I have installed some fog lamps off a 07 fiesta and was just curious if them led h11 bulbs would be fine to replace the nasty yellow halogen bulbs already installed
  14. Where is this from?!

    I literally just bought some of them because I was having the same issue, only the driver's side.
  15. Hello everyone! I bought a after market spoiler from eBay (I know), it bolt/screws in and was just curious if anyone else has installed one of these. I'm just worried I may hit a wire when drilling into the boot lid. The item I have a 3dr mk6.5 so it seems it will fit. Any help is greatly appreciated.