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  1. Definitive MK7 Light fitment list

    Thanks Mark. Just what i was looking for!
  2. Hi, i posted this up on another forum too but there seems to be more mk7 owners on here so i 'll re-post it. Would it be possible for someone to post a definitive bulb fitment list for the mk7? I want to upgrade to blue visions but keep reading contradicting posts as to what is needed. This is what i'm looking for: Front Units:- Sidelights: Main headlights: Full beam (blue light on dash, blinding lights): Indicators (de-tangod'): Wing mirror indicators (de-tangod'): Rear indicators (de-tangod'): Lights above rear reg plate: Internal cabin light: Also is it worth/possible changing fogs to blue vision? Cheers (Maybe this could be made a sticky when the list is compiled as i think there will be a few people interested in it?)