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  1. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    I took the car to my dealers on Monday. They kept it for a few hours gave it a run down the motorway but couldn't get it to replicate the problem. Then did diagnostic tests still couldn't find a problem. I mentioned turbo problems following a previous post - but I was assured that the electronics would not allow the engine to start if the turbo was malfunctioning. He did comment on the oil level not being higher - it had been on bottom notch and I had topped it up to half way - he has filled it right up. However, he did say that from their limited experience with Ecoboost engines they were a little thirstier oil wise than other Ford engines. I then took the car for a 50 mile run on a range of roads, including motorway and did some sharp accelerations and it ran perfectly all the way! I am off on holiday on at weekend - dealer assured me that any Ford dealer would fix it free of charge if anything happened. I think I'll take the oil can with me - first time I have felt the need to carry one since owning a first generation Metro in the 1980s! Just have to keep fingers crossed and hope for the best! John
  2. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    Sounds like it is a turbo then. Well at least the car is under warranty. Surprised it should have happened so soon given the low mileage and I don't work the engine hard. John
  3. New Engine Oil?

    I had problems trying to get the correct oil for an Ecoboost 1L. I tried two Halfords for Castrol 5w-20 and a service station listed as Castrol retailers. They did not stock it. Decided to go to People's Ford - spares department and the chap at first insisted it was okay to use 5w-30 as they didn't have any 5w-20 in stock. I wasn't happy about this suggestion of using 5w-30. I continued to insist and asked how their service department would effect an oil change. I still don't think he believed me and went and took my chassis number off the car and put it into the computer - then admitted I was correct - even though I had the user manual in my hand. Surprisingly, he then managed to find the correct oil in the warehouse. JoHn
  4. I took delivery of a Fiesta Titanium with Ecoboost engine back in March and have been very pleased with it including the much improved fuel economy particularly on commuter runs. However, something strange happened 10 days ago on my way home from work. As I accelerated away from traffic lights the car appeared to stutter momentarily and I thought I perceived blue smoke out of the back. But being in heavy traffic I wasn't entirely sure the smoke had come from my car. However, the stutter was only for a couple of seconds and everything righted itself. I did check the oil, first time in a few weeks and noted that it was almost down to the bottom notch on the dipstick. I am sure it had been around half way when I last looked. After hunting down the correct oil, which wasn't easy to get, I put some in and restored the oil level to something healthier. Another week of commuting followed with no further problems and I just put the stutter down to a quirk. Today I decided to go out for a run as something was still niggling in the back of my mind about the problem and thought I would give the car a good run before going away on holiday in week's time. Travelling along the motorway I pulled out to pass some slow moving traffic accelerating from around 55 to 65 and suddenly there was a brief stutter and unmistakeable blue smoke, something a passenger in the back seat noted. However, after a couple of seconds everything was back to normal again. However, I decided to return home, I'll take it to the dealer tomorrow and get it checked out . The car has just completed 4,000 miles Anyone else experienced this engine stutter and smoke? Could it be a faulty turbo? Thanks John
  5. Thanks for the replies I was guessing at around £500 so I suppose £395 isn't too bad. John
  6. Whilst parked in a car park yesterday a large Renault whizzed into the parking space next to me. It appeared full of unruly small children and a harrassed mother. Whack, the small child in the front seat shoved the door open. I was on the phone at the time and didn't jump out of the car and look. I expected a scuff and cursed, but on getting out after the family had headed off I was shocked by the damage. Very little scuffed paint but a noticeable dent approx 2.5inches long and around .75 inches wide - unfortunatelty it is across the molding in the upper door.It catches the light and is very noticeable. Anyone else had this sort of door damage? I am off to the dealer in a day or two - but in the meantime can anyone indicate what a typical repair price will be? It won't be an insurance job as I didn't challenge them or get their details and I am not claiming on mine. Thanks John
  7. I wonder if anyone with a new Fiesta has found themselves needing a rear bumper repair? This morning my 8 week old car had a slight altarcation with a low wall in my driveway. I was distrated when reversing off the road and bump! On going to look - I was expecting some nasty damage - but I was pleasantly suprised to discover nothing too serious. Perhaps a good testament to the car. As the rear of the car was angled up during the reverse the soft insert had taken the brunt of the damage. There is a 5p piece sized "ding" and a bit of a crease mark each side. The main hard bumper is virtually unscathed a very slight nick in the plastic - being a black model this is almost invisible. However, the damage to the grey insert is a little more conspicuous though not desperately so. Does anyone one know if it is possible to replace this grey plastic insert panel at reasonable cost? I have had a look and it appears to be a separate component from the main rear bumper assembly. I know I could ask my dealer about it but would like a guide to the likely cost before hand if anyone can help? If it looks to be pricey I'll wait a few months until the first service is due - however, if reasonable I'll get it sorted ASAP. Thanks for any assistance. John