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  1. Leaking injector seals

    hi did my boys 52 reg tdci approx 58,000 miles no/s 3/4 cyl seals gone if you are compitant at doing medium size repairs you can do it your self but you must replace the injector pipes on the injectors seals you replace took me approx 2hrs to fix them.hope this helps you.
  2. flat spots

    hi stratford505 i had a bad exp with 04 reg 20l tdci cmax bought with low miles on clock 3yrs old 12.000 miles i noticed that it had an inherrant flaltspot when accelerating ie from a give way point or approcing a junction took car back to ford within 2 days of purchess they test drove said fault code showed egr fault replaced egr valve all seamed ok for 1 week also had very lumpy engine at approx 2.000 rpm and smoking on cold startup took back to dealer my ford dealer got to know me very well to cut a long story short two lots of injectors later and a further 5 egr valves all done under warranty the dealer said he could not fix the problem i must point out that no warning lights onthe dash came on with this fault. took car back to dealer car was replaced with brandnew fusion with a little extra cost all ok now. your problem sounds very mutch like mine but on the good side what a car on the motorway this is