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  1. Following on from my last post. I picked the car up and then it broke down in a car park after travelling 25 miles.... Electrical problem - now fixed! In contact with Ford Customer Services now - will have to see what compensation I can get?
  2. Unfortunately my car has had 3 serious problems so far. It is a Fiesta 1.4 Titanium Auto 59 plate (almost a year old). Problems include: 1. Drive plate had to be replaced (car not able to be driven) – 3 days out of use. 2. New Gear Box had to be replaced (car not able to be driven) – 2 days out of use. 3. Alternator had to be replaced (car broke down) – 6 days out of use. I absolutely loved my car until it hit 6000 miles! Then the problems started. Now I have lost faith in the car as it is so unreliable. I rely on it so much for work etc... as many others do! Each time the car has been repaired and the problem solved, however yet another serious problem arrives… A letter will be sent to Ford Customer Services at the weekend! I will be interested to see what they have to say. Just thought I would share…in case others were in a similar position. Any advice?
  3. I have a brand new Titanium and noticed a very small scratch on the privacy glass - mine is at the bottom right hand corner of the rear window. I noticed it whilst I inspected it when I picked it up. I also had 3 small chip marks in the paint work - front, rear and side. All have been photographed and I'm waiting for it to be fixed.
  4. You'll love it! I love mine - almost done 500 miles. Once you sit inside, your old car will be a distant memory!
  5. This seems very strange especially as you have not had a build date yet. And if they tell you the delay is because it is an automatic, then that is rubbish! Mine is an automatic and I got a build date within 2 weeks of ordering. I ordered mine on 17th July and it was delivered in just under 10 weeks. I had loads of extras too.
  6. Well I just had a surprise phonecall today to say the car has arrived! :) :) So from order to delivery it only took just less than 10 weeks. So pleased and excited... Picking it up on Monday! Car ordered on: July 17th Fiesta Titanium 1.4 5dr Auto Moondust Silver ESP USB with Bluetooth Parking sensors rear 16” 7 spoke alloy wheels Curtain air bags Lumbar support Full sized spare Delivered on 24th September
  7. As an update - I ordered my car on July 17th. Firstly the delivery date was around the 26th September. Just been told it should be here by 3rd October. It has been built and it is listed on Ford Etis. Hopefully that will be 11 weeks if all goes to plan. At the moment it is waiting for the next boat! Fiesta Titanium 1.4 5dr Auto Moondust Silver ESP USB with Bluetooth Parking sensors rear 16” 7 spoke alloy wheels Curtain air bags Lumbar support Full sized spare
  8. Good news. My car is built! Should be here by 3rd October! It has appeared on the Ford Etis system too.
  9. Thanks Paul. That is useful info. I will call them again this week and check. :)
  10. The build date was meant to be 14th September (Monday just gone). I should have checked whether that has changed too. I asked the dealer for the chassis number too and they said they cannot get it until the build has been finished. I might ring again as I spoke to another salesman, not my usual one.
  11. Thanks. That is much cheaper! :)
  12. My delivery date has been moved by two weeks. Was September 26th, now October 10th...
  13. This is a really useful thread. I am currently looking at the best way to mount my Tom Tom GO 520. Has anyone used an air vent mount successfully for the new Fiesta? The pro clip is so expensive unless anyone has found a cheaper website to get it from? I have the suction mount for the windscreen, but want something better for the new car when it arrives. Hopefully the car got built today?
  14. I agree. If mine does not come with it, I'll be asking for a new seat too! Mine is hopefully being built on Monday 14th September!