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  1. Bonnet guard

    VFT4Z-16C900-A Not available from UK dealers though
  2. Phone Text on dash

    Settings, Bluetooth, Select the correct paired device and click on the ‘i’ for information Toggle Show notifications
  3. headlights levelling

    It might be worth checking that the LED headlamps are set up for the correct side of the road in the lighting settings.
  4. Bonnet guard

    Got it online from Quirkparts in USA and shipped it to work address out there. Just need the Ford dealers over here to stock them.
  5. Bonnet guard

    My parts finally turned up. This is what it looks like on an Oxford White Sport
  6. Curtain Airbag recall

    Only certain build dates affected.
  7. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    I had a rattle from the rear and it turned out to be the number plate mounting plaque. I took it off and added some double sided tape padding and the rattle disappeared.
  8. Curtain Airbag recall

    I've had a good few dealings with Ford Customer Relationship Centre over the past 10 days and they don't give much away. I gave up on them and am now in touch with the Executive Office. I found Ford UK CEO's email address on another forum so copied him in on a few matter of fact emails. I've spoken to Ford UK over the last few days and they've finally agreed to supply me an Edge as a courtesy car while mine is off the road. I've told them I don't want my car back until new airbags are fitted and the replacement drivers side will hopefully be with my dealer on the 21st August. Can't fault my dealer who have chased and chased and aided sorting the like for like loan car and giving me their own loan car while I've been waiting for Ford themselves to admit they've cocked up. Not all dealers are bad! Might be worth getting your dealers to check the parts numbers inside the sealed labelled boxes prior to undertaking the job. However, if they open the box and there's an airbag in there, how are they going to know it's wrong part?
  9. Bonnet guard

    Thanks for that info. Much appreciated. We usually fly BA into Logan and drive up. Might have to give Virgin a go next time too. Thanks again.
  10. Bonnet guard

    Looks very smart on a black car, not too sure it would work that well on a white one. Just out of interest how do you ship the larger parts back or do you put it in the hold of the plane? I head out to Maine with work twice a year and shipped a roof rack back for my Edge but some shipping costs were extortionate.
  11. Bonnet guard

    There are some genuine Ford ones on www.ebay.com but postage costs more than the actual item from America What about having paint protection film applied to bonnet and bumper?
  12. Curtain Airbag recall

    My car has been at the dealer since Monday for this. The parts have been incorrectly labelled in Germany. I have two near side airbags but the sealed boxes from Ford say otherwise (one of each) Dealer has been great and I don't hold them accountable at all, they've kept me up to date on the parts arriving since I booked the recall but Ford customer service centre don't give a toss. I've requested a like for like loan car while mine is off the road, partners expecting so we're struggling with the low down Fiesta that my dealer has kindly provided in the meantime. I've already been told by Ford UK that they don't provide loan cars for recalls but I'm going higher and my dealer is trying too but they're getting the same responses. Offside airbags are on back order and my car is on a ramp at the dealer in pieces. Ford can't tell me when the replacement will be here and Ford won't authorise for the dealer to put the car back together in the meantime. i hope your recall goes better than mine. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  13. Edge rear bumper protector

    No worries at all, according to the invoice it was part number 2043533, made by Climair.
  14. Sync 3 confusion - please help

    I think you also have to have the forward alert distance indicator turned off too. Auto relock doesn't work on mine either...