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  1. Don't think it's down to the panoramic roof. More likely a model that is available with panoramic roof has the B&O setup. The spare wheel well is filled with the subwoofer assembly.
  2. Ecoboost coolant bubbling

    Haven't noticed this, just that these things run incredibly hot, and more worryingly what happens if this pump, or any hoses fail.
  3. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    Still preferring the "old" shape from the outside. Don't like the bulbous look of the headlights from certain angles. Interior though is one vast improvement. The very dated interior of the mk7.5 was a gripe for me, mk8 is looking up-to-date. Have only seen the basic trim level, I should imagine that top spec. versions will be even better to look at. Just like the old model, I'm sure that USA / Europe will be getting more spec. / options as before, nevertheless, UK is getting heated steering wheel (available on mk7.5 in certain parts) and the impressive panoramic roof. I'd like to upgrade, but it would probably have to be Vignale trim only.
  4. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    I'm also disappointed by the dipped-beam on my mk7.5. They really are awfull for a nearly new car. On par with the tyre roar and cheap plastics inside. However, the main beam is more than adequate, which makes returning to dipped a bit scary sometimes. Was considering trying led as I can't imagine a halogen upgrade making much, if any difference.
  5. Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    Assuming you've got the premium version of the Spotify app? The free version just kept playing ads when I tried it. Might as well be listening to a sh*t local commercial radio station. The applink thing seems to work OK though...
  6. Wind deflectors

    Got the Climair ones. Nearly gave up trying to get windows to stay closed, when deflectors are inserted into rubber, the window is tight at the top, as soon as the closing window hits resistance, it reverses and goes partially back down. Took a while to overcome this, left them for a week or so without opening the windows, and they're fine now with no problems. Keeps the rain out, cuts out the wind noise to some extent....and they look pretty good too.
  7. Upgrades

    Never seen one either, These were solely for North America (unless others know different) Not available here, like the colour touch screens with Sync3 in USA, duo-tone interior plastics in rest of Europe etc. UK always gets poverty-spec. vehicles
  8. 205/40s are correct, will give the right overall circumference. These were available as a factory upgrade, interestingly the aftermarket upgrade makes note of steering rack limiter, nothing of any re-calibration though.